Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some Thoughts...

Okay, so here are some thoughts on things I have seen or read recently...

I watched SPLINTER on SciFi Channel earlier this week. I thought it was good, definitely better than I was expecting and DEFINITELY better than most of the "original" movies SciFi Channel usually airs. It had it's creepy/scary moments and held my interest throughout, so good enough! Maybe SciFi should try and get more of these films and air less of the crud movies they produce themselves.

On the other hand, I also watched BACKWOODS, or rather watched it from DVR, since it was on late one night and I didn't want to stay up. And good thing I didn't. What a piece o'crap! Haylie Duff as one of the leads SHOULD have been my heads up, but I ventured in anyway. I don't suggest you do the same.

In theaters, I saw CORALINE with my 13-year-old daughter this week. Actually was a very good movie, imaginiative and creepy. Not recommended for kids who are scared easily as the villain character can give them major willies, I think. My daughter liked it, too, but she likes Tim Burton-esque stuff, so that might have helped. The 3D was good, especially the tunnel and the "other world", but I actually think the live 3D in MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D was better. I am sure many others will disagree!

I FINALLY finished reading DON'T OPEN THIS BOOK! - which was good, but long. It is a collection of scary stories selected by Marvin Kaye. Some of the stories weren't too scary, but I made it through. All in all, a good read, but for someone who is more easily spooked.

Also read FRIDAY THE 13TH Part II: A Novel, which is basically what the title says, a novelization of the 2nd movie, from the 80s. Has some expanded passages, but mostly sticks right to the story. A quick read.

Thanks to Scab's Friday The 13th & Horror blog, I caught Halloween at Crystal Lake, a foreign (Swedish?) fan-made short film, dealing with Michael Myers venturing into Jason Voorhees' territory. It was okay, I guess. The accents threw me too much.

And for a chuckle, check out Star-ving: Starring David Faustino, who used to be Bud Bundy back on Married with Children. Hilarious, the guy certainly doesn't take himself too seriously. His buddy is Corin Nemec, best known as Parker Lewis on the too-short-lived Parker Lewis Can't Lose. Funny stuff.


  1. I passed on Splinter as I hate watching movies [especially ones that I have never seen] with commercials.

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed it - hopefully it will be released on DVD soon!

    Also glad to hear that you and your daughter enjoyed Coraline!

  2. My Bloody V was terrible. Not scary and the dude playing the sherrif was terrible.

    Friday the 13th however was pretty good.