Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 03: A scene or image burned into your mind

The thing that really gets me in horror flicks is when the killer notices the hero/heroine/victim.

Hard to explain, but it is that fleeting, unsettling moment when the hero/heroine just knows the killer is aware of their presence.

Halloween had a few examples:

There was a similar scene in Jeepers Creepers as Darry and Trish drove by the Creeper's church as he dumped a body. He stopped and watched as they drove by:

Something about going from that eerie, 'something's-not-quite-right' feeling to actually connecting with the maniac on the loose just gives me the creeps!


  1. i am with you on these like the strangers when the mask is in the driveway

  2. Yeah, the only good scene in Jeepers Creepers. It was all downhill from there...