Friday, July 29, 2011

Reason #2 Why I Love TV

For my second post in this not-so-regular feature here, I am going back in time.

Reason #2 Why I Love TV: General Hospital.

This is better categorized as a "Why I USED to Love TV".

See, I was a GH fan for decades, from the mid/late 70s up until the early 2000's. I watched through a lot of ups and downs. But in the early part of the previous decade, the show lost its focus.

No longer did history, long-term characters and family matter. Instead, it was all about the mob. Granted, this was interesting. At first. But the show became all-mob, all-the-time. And to make matters worse, death became a quick-hit story plot device instead of something that mattered.

Long-term, important characters were killed off, either for monetary reasons or for supposed story advancement. But all that ended up happening (besides saving money in the budget, I suppose) was a bitter distancing of long-time fans.

After too much bloodshed and character assassination, I gave up. The show - whether it was the writers, producers, whomever - no longer cared about the fans who had been around so long. Budget took priority. The "hot" mob took center stage,  apparently permanently. And I, sadly, said adios.

But now I have read that the long-time head writer of the show was dumped and replaced with someone else. For the first time in a very long time, there is new blood in the writing room. I gave thought to revisiting the show I had watched so long. But, still I hesitated.

Then I started to read a few fan reviews. They seemed positive. Also, a long-time character (Dr. Monica Quartermaine) was being brought back. Things seem to be looking positive.

Of course, this comes at a time when it may just be too little, too late for the show. Daytime soaps are falling left and right, including the other two ABC shows, All My Children (off the air in September) and One Life to Live (off the air in January 2012.) There has been news that those shows will be moving online, in some format. And there are also rumblings that GH is poised for a similar fate, if and when it leaves the broadcast airwaves. Seems like a last-ditch way to try and hold on to the shows. But for some fans, better that than nothing at all.

All of that doom-and-gloom aside, we have DVR'd the last two episodes of GH. Will it be the show I remember? Probably not. But I am willing to give it a try, at least for old time's sake.

Maybe it will be like catching up with an old friend.  Hopefully it won't just be to say one final good-bye.


  1. I used to be a huge fan of GH, especially when Rick Springfield was on it (yeah, child of the 80's). I switched to Guiding Light because that's what my siblings watched. Not that we were supposed to of course, we snuck it in when mom was away which probably made it all that more enticing. I hope GH proves to be everything you hope it is!

  2. Oh my, I watched that in the 80s - Did I just admit that? :D The only soap that I ever watched. I am going to have to check out how it ends. Thanks for the heads up!