Sunday, December 6, 2009

Great Masterpieces in Coffee

Cup o' Joe this week:

Artsy Spot showcased the world's greatest masterpieces in coffee.

Since it is Christmastime, I chose this one as an example:

Coffee Art

To view the site, go to Coffee Creations. Many incredible works of art done in coffee/espresso there!

You can also learn more the artist, click ---> Karen.

Here is what she had to say about her creations:

"Coffee art is a truly unique art form. It requires a thoughtful and delicate touch. Capturing the depth of these classic works is only possible through a slow and sophisticated process of building layers upon layers of espresso.

I first thought of the idea of painting with coffee while watching rich, red-brown espresso pouring perfectly into my cup. As I enjoyed my hot latte, it occured to me that perhaps I could take my passion for coffee to a deeper level. So I dipped my brush and began painting, and to my delight, it worked beautifully.

Painting with coffee is a completely enjoyable experience…Most often I paint in the coffee shop immersed in the delicious aroma of freshly ground coffee and sounds of low conversation, steam, and grind, which continue to inspire me as I watch my brush add new dimensions to the painting.

I hope that each painting brings you into the same warm atmosphere."

Beautiful & interesting art!



  1. hand-painted in espresso. wow. blimey!

    just enjoying my luvverly morning cup of tea....

  2. how cool...and then if push comes to shove you can lick the painting....smiles.

  3. Honestly thank for sharing that.She really deserve a shout out,she's got talent and it's wicked!And yes coffee is the best for inspiration!

  4. That is a great image! Between that and your snow falling, I am getting all warm and fuzzy!

  5. Who knew coffee could be so versatile.. I saw a segment on the news about a guy who paints with coffee, but his work was abstract and he used his hands. I can only imagine how buzzed he got as it absorbed into his pores.

  6. I love your header, btw. That'll be me when I pass on...

  7. Those were great. I can't decide if I like the Sistine Chapel ceiling or The Thinker better. What a wonderful idea she had. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. Ahh now it's all making sense, someone sent me an email of the Mona Lisa in coffee! Crazy.

  9. Hi! Wings,
    First, the 25 days to Halloween this!
    Thanks, for the link...I will be adding it to my Booksandcupofcoffee blog.