Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Bionic Woman - Angel of Mercy

Last week, thanks to Hulu, I featured the 2-part premier episode of "The Bionic Woman".

This week, episode 3: "Angel of Mercy", which originally aired on January 28, 1976.

Plot: Jaime, disguised as a nurse, is assigned to fly into a civil war-torn South American country to rescue the American ambassador and his wife.



  1. Must you torture me with beloved Bionic Woman episodes I am unable to receive?! ;)

    Someday, Hulu . . . someday . . .

  2. nice. on a time crunch now due to the next snow storm which is happening around my car as we speak...so will come back later to enjoy...

  3. Halloween Spirit: Sorry, wish you could view them. I watched it today, connected the computer to the HD TV. Good times.

    Brian: Hope you do get a chance. Fun 70s action & Lindsay Wagner! Can't beat it.