Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day Thirteen: Favorite Memory

Day Thirteen: Favorite Memory


Charming Tails

Like my Mrs. said on her site, I think our wedding day is my favorite memory. I was absolutely convinced before we met that I was gonna spend life as a reluctant bachelor. She opened my eyes, in more ways than one, and I appreciate how lucky I am to love her, and to be loved by her.

A few other favorite memories involve my kids, of course:

~ The night of my daughter's birth, as I held her and looked out the window to see snow falling.

~ The first time my oldest son gave me a card that said "Dad".

~ My youngest clinging to me as a toddler, sucking his thumb and holding my neck.

Enjoy their youth. It may not always be easy, but it goes by really fast.


  1. nice. the first card that says dad...yeah that one got me too..

  2. Our youngest clinging to you as a pre-teen, sucking his thumb and holding your neck...oh that's right...never mind...he doesn't do that anymore!

  3. That is a very cool post. You are a blessed man. Does no good for me to be all clever if I have no one around to laugh at the end. Extra great your wife can come with the clever burn in the same post. Brilliant.

  4. Lovely. It does go by too fast, I find myself looking at my 11-year as she rolls her eyes at me and I think, "I used to pick you up and now you wear my shoes!" Then of course she's mad because I'm not upset...

  5. Doc: Yup, that's me.

    Brian: It was made all the more special since I am his step-dad. Made me feel like I was doing it right. :)

    Ravyn: Shhhh! He won't be happy you wrote that!

    Cal: Never too late, dude! Keep at it!

    Kate: Yeah, it flies by. More so in retrospect, but still!

  6. It's a bit late to pretend to be a romantic.