Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day Three: Favorite Musician

Day Three: Favorite Musician


Dolly Parton

Dolly 1

Out of every musician I can think of, Dolly has written and/or performed the most songs that I have enjoyed. Some for their pure musical joy, others for deeper, more heartfelt reasons.

Dolly is beautiful, no doubt about that. She also has an amazing voice, can play an array of instruments and, most importantly, she is one of the best songwriters ever. She just has a knack for making beautiful music.

Dolly 2

Dolly also seems like a great person, a celebrity for sure, yet she seems to still have her feet firmly planted on the ground and is able to poke fun at herself. That is a good trait for anyone to have.

Enjoy some of her music below, and hear why Dolly is my favorite musician.


  1. nice. i would not have guessed this...but dolly is an amazing singer/song writer...

  2. My favorite Dolly song is "Joshua", one of her earliest. I love the lyrics, it's really a cute story.

  3. Dolly? Really?

    Not implying that she sucks or anything... just, from you... a bit of a surprise.