Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Funny - Zits

This week's strip is Zits, which is written by Jerry Scott and illustrated by Jim Borgman.

Zits revolves around the life of 16-year-old Jeremy Duncan and his family and friends. Teenage life is the main focus of the strip, whether it is how Jeremy views the world or how the world views him and his friends.

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The strip is usually good for a chuckle and, more often than not, has people seeing someone they know (or themselves) in the characters and their exaggerated actions.


At the official Zits site you can read about the creators, visit the official store or buy books collecting the strips.



  1. funny

    and not entirely unlike my (nearly) 15 year old.

  2. one i am familiar with...but still enjoy. i remember days i could just sleep or lay around. yep, doesn't happen any more. lol.