Friday, September 4, 2009

Theoretical Bull...

Theoretical Bullshit is a YouTube Channel where Scott Clifton posts videos and, in his words, "Thoughts on Religion, Atheism, Philosophy, Morality, and Skepticism."

He is well-spoken and intelligent and gets his point across. I love watching his stuff, mainly because he eloquently says what I am thinking myself.

Here is his latest:

Love it.

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  1. For a soap star, he's pretty well spoken and even makes sense! :)

  2. he speaks well, and he seems to believe what he says...we differ...but would appreciate a cup of coffee with him.sure the conversation would be stimulating.

  3. These points are discussed and even debated at preacher school. In the old days you could maintain a religious following with commissioned art, like Dante's Inferno, but now religion has to tip toe around issues like religious terrorists and hope the injured don't remember the religion of the bombers.

  4. The Plan he describes is so crazy it is brilliant.

    I find this stuff fascinating. I used to be a Christian. I was so sure of my beliefs. I had an answer for anything. The Plan allows for all possibilities. I prayed, I got answers to prayer, I changed as a person for the better.

    Something happened to pull the carpet from under my feet and I was astonished to find that I was no longer sure. I floundered.

    I left my church, still looking for God but also looking into atheism. I read Richard Dawkins, but I found his own brand of atheist evangelsim as distasteful as the TV evangelists. I didn't agree with some of his logic.

    I have found it interesting to read bloggers of different faiths (and I include 'atheism' in that term). I have been impressed by the intellectual rigour and creativity, honesty and selfless giving of atheists and Christians alike. Most inspiring is that both groups of people are expressing themselves through this medium (the blog) which means that they are open to the opinions of others.

    I cannot take a leap to atheism. There is too much that we do not know.

  5. I have found it interesting to read bloggers of different faiths (and I include 'atheism' in that term)..

    Atheism is not a faith or a set of ideals. It is, very simply put, the lack of a belief in a god or gods. That's it.

  6. Hmm, very brave to talk religion on a blog! But here are my 2 cents: When I was younger, having always been atheistic, I would find every reason to argue religion and try to make people disbelieve, I guess in an attempt to show that I had a superior grasp on the situation, or that I was smarter than the religious folks. As I got older, and wiser, I realized that people who had faith were lucky. It is like a kid who believes in Santa Claus, we do not try to take that from the child, we let the child figure that out on his/her own. I don't need to prove my point or present facts as if I am trying to win a trial. Sometimes I still do point out absurdities in the Bible, or will argue if pushed into it, but I do not want to make a person who has hope, lose their hope. Not everyone can deal with the fact that someday they will cease to exist. Good post, I like talking about it, but have lost my edge when it comes to preaching my atheism! :)

  7. I'm an athiest but don't see the need to 'sell' the point. Each to his own beliefs and I think in this case, he's describing the Bible, which was written by men, not God. As a leveler, fear and ignorance are marvellous but pointing out the flaws in the Bible (or the Quoran for that matter and it's a similar book) doesn't for the 'faithful' anyway, deny the existence of a God. I agree with Otin, if God gives comfort to some, fine, it doesn't work for me but I don't see the need to broadcast it. My only objection to a belief in God is the establshnment of organised religion and it's involvement in politics. State and Church should always remain separate. Phew . . heavy stuff this weekend!

  8. Jeff: I think it was just long enough.

    Ravyn: Yes, indeed!

    Brian: Oh yeah, he definitely sounds like someone who can hold up his end of a conversation.

    Abraham: I think that would be a lot to ask the injured to forget.

    Cinnamon: To each their own, as they say. I think it is good that people of all beliefs, or lack thereof, feel able to express themselves.

    Lemmy: Yeah, that is it in a nutshell. I don't think Cinnamon was trying to saying anything 'wrong', however.

    Otin: Yeah, I agree. But I also don't think we should have to temper what we want to say or express on our blogs, since they are here for self-expression. As I said above, to each their own, always. And that includes me, and Scott Clifton.

    Baino: I think it is perfectly fine for someone to 'deconstruct' it, since so many others do the reverse, quoting it as THE book to follow. I would hate to NOT have the counterpoint. And yeah, Church & State should ALWAYS be seperate. I have no church, so there is no doubt I don't want others' church interferring in my life.

  9. I don't think Cin was saying anything "wrong" as well. It is just a pet peeve of mine when people misrepresent atheism as a belief system, theology, or faith.

    As the quote goes....calling atheism a religion is like calling bald a hair color.