Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Tenth Daughter of Memory

Today I want to highlight a new blog/project I am a part of.

The Tenth Daughter of Memory is a new blog that aims to generate creativity among bloggers, writers and creators of all kinds.

Twice a month, a topic will be posted. Anyone who wishes can then do a post on their own blog using the topic in some way. No rules on what you create, you have total freedom. Writing, pictures, memories, drawings, musings, videos - WHATEVER. Just have it connect with the topic in some way.

There will be a deadline for each topic, and once that deadline is reached, no further submissions will be allowed. Then, all those who want to can read all the posts. But the catch is you have to vote for the blog you like the best out of the lot.

The winner of each topic gets the 'honor' of posting the next topic. And it all begins again.

Hopefully, it will all be fun, creative and interesting.

The first topic went up yesterday, so head on over to The Tenth Daughter of Memory if you want to take part. We look forward to seeing you there!


  1. Takin' a looksee right now!

  2. I'd love to but I'm finding it harder and harder to post these days, let alone activate my creative gland. I look forward to reading the contributor's pieces though.