Monday, September 21, 2009

Movie Monday - Four Variations on Transplants


In an attempt to tie all four films together for a cool title, the best I could come up with is "transplants". Humor me.


Awake (2007)

[Hayden Christensen; Jessica Alba; Terrence Howard; Lena Olin]

A rich, young man needs a heart transplant. When a heart is found, he goes into surgery. But where the anesthesia should have rendered him unconscious, he is alert, aware. Awake. And what he hears will change his life forever.

I had a different idea of what this film was going to be. I think I liked it better than I thought I was going to, but I also had some... issues with it, as well. It is hard to explain without giving too much of the film's plot away.

Olin and Alba give good performances, Christensen is too young for the role, however. Would have played better with a more mature leading man.

If you like thriller/mystery type movies, then you might like this one.


The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

[Gene Tierney; Rex Harrison; George Sanders; Edna Best; Natalie Wood; Anna Lee]

A widow with a young daughter transplants their life from her in-laws' home to the enchanting, seaside Gull Cottage. Soon enough, she is haunted by the ghost of the previous owner, Captain Gregg. Her life, and his after-life, will never be the same.

I have mentioned this movie before (here), but I watched it again recently, this time with my daughter. She enjoyed it, and I am glad, cause I love it.

The movie is just wonderful, a romantic, atmospheric charmer. Both Tierney and Harrison are superb in their roles, showing strength when needed, and subtle tenderness. They remain true to their characters.

Always recommended.


MST3K: The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1993)
The Brain That Wouldn't Die (Original Film - 1962)

[Jason Evers; Virginia Leith; Leslie Daniels; Doris Powell]

Another MST3K classic, this is Mike's first episode as the new human on the satellite.

The movie itself is a bizarre sci-fi flick about a doctor who wants to perfect organ and limb transplants. After he is in a car wreck with his fiance, things go downhill. For him, for her and for us.

With the MST3K humor, the experience is hilarious. A great way to spend some time. And possibly the ONLY want to watch this movie without being completely bored.

Recommended for fans of cheesy, B-movies and fans of MST3K!


The Killing Floor (2007)

[Marc Blucas; Joel Leffert; Shiri Appleby; Jeffrey Carlson; Reiko Aylesworth]

A rich, young literary agent buys a huge a huge, loft-style apartment and transplants his life there. Soon, he feels he is being watched, stalked. He is threatened by a man claiming to be the rightful owner of the place. Soon, his life is spinning out of control. What is going on and who is pulling the strings?

This was a thriller/mystery type flick. Interesting as the premise is, it got a bit confusing. Maybe it was just me, but I felt lost. Sort of like it took one turn too many, maybe. I don't know.

Recommended, if you like puzzling movies, I guess. But you may be left scratching your head, as well.



  1. Loved the trailer for "The Brain That Would Not Die" As with many such films, I suspect the trail is better than the film

  2. I happened to catch some of the "Brain" movie - and I use the term loosely - and was not impressed. There is no way I would've watched that movie if it were not for MST3K!! haha

  3. I watched Awake . . not bad actually . . .and the Ghost and Mrs Muir . . well appealed to the romantic in me I must admit. The Killing Floor looks interesting, I'll seek that one out. Love these reviews, I often hire a DVD on Saturday night so hot tips are always welcome.

  4. thanks wings! trolled the redbox forever the other day looking for i have a few to seek out.

  5. I would watch anything with Jessica Alba in it!

  6. a friend of mine saw awake right before he got major dental surgery. really major dental surgery. something to with his jaw. he told me he was afraid the anesthesia was going to wear off the whole time.

    said it was one of those movies that gives you something new to worry over.

  7. I loved The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and MST3K! I liked Joel better, though.