Friday, August 20, 2010

Hatchet II Trailer

I liked Hatchet, the horror movie from 2007, but I wouldn't go nuts like the "critics" in the blurbs before this trailer seem to. It was good ol' slasher fun, but "the Holy Grail of slasher films"? I don't think so...

Still, like I said, I enjoyed the first one and I will see this one, too. Never enough slasher films done well!

(via, The Captain's Ramblings and Freddy in Space)


  1. Neflix a film called "Butchered." I refuse to see it, but it was made by some friends of mine. Hah!

  2. We saw the preview at this year's con, looks like it will deliver the gore and be a decent followup to the original!

  3. Thank you for trailers !! It sounds to be great film of Adam Green (Director)..Wishing watch it very soon.