Thursday, April 30, 2009

Theme Thursday - Water

Theme Thursday - WATER

Being the fan that I am, there was only one way for me to go with this week's theme:


Aquaman has always been my favorite super-hero. He is perennially the easiest for people to joke about, but this stems mainly from a general ignorance as to what he is truly capable of. Not only can he breathe underwater and 'talk' to sea life, but he is also super-humanly strong, amazingly fast and the King of Atlantis - heck, the King of the Seven Seas!

His origin has gone through many changes over the years, as has his temperament, his costume and his ability to sell comics. But he has maintained a popularity over more than six decades, through many rises and falls in the comic book industry.

I became a fan when I was a kid through the Saturday morning cartoon "The Super-Friends". Later, I was reintroduced to the character through comic books, and have been a fan ever since. I can't say I am happy with how DC Comics has treated the character as of late, but I am hopeful we will see a return, one day, to the Aquaman we know and love. And there are hundreds of comics, dozens of shows and tons of merchandise to enjoy until then!

Aquaman 2

Here are some great links concerning the King of the Seven Seas, swim over and check them out!

The Unofficial Aquaman Website - Laura runs an awesome, extensive site with everything you needed to know about Aquaman!

The Aquaman Shrine - Rob runs another great site, with everything and anything pertaining to Aquaman. My own "Aquaman Shrine" is one of the many Rob has posted on his site.

Wikipedia page with tons of Aquaman information

DC Comics Aquaman Message Board

A previous post of mine, a collage of 25 Aquaman "A" icons.

Aquaman and his wife, Mera

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Read This Blog if You Want Live!

Over at Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness, we find that Skynet has stooped to using our pets in their never-ending battle for domination.

Scary and creepy.

As is this:

Add this to my trifecta of artificial joints and my transformation to total cyborg is almost complete!

Want to try it? Then Terminate Yourself.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie Monday

Only watched one film this week, so this will be short!

Dead of Night (1945)

[Mervyn Johns, Sally Ann Howes, Michael Redgrave]

This is a British portmanteau, which is basically a movie with a central plot that is used to tell other smaller stories. Sort of like an anthology. I had never heard of this film.

I liked it! A horror/thriller/mystery, it begins with a man arriving at a country estate and realizing he has seen the place before. Upon meeting the people inside, he is now sure he has dreamt of the place, and them, previously.

He meets some skepticism, mainly in the form of a serious-minded doctor. However, the other people come to his defense in a way, each telling a story about some mysterious, supernatural encounter they have had in their own lives.

Some of the smaller tales are creepy, scary (probably scarier back in '45), and one is even humorous. A twist ending is very well done and eerie and ties it all together nicely. The ventriloquist dummy story is very creepy!

Very nice movie, not just for mystery/horror fans, or fans of older movies, but just as a fun movie to watch and enjoy. Definitely recommended!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Funny - Medium Large

Another fun comic to feast your eyes on:

Medium Large by Francesco Marciuliano.

Click to Enlarge.

A very off-beat, odd strip, it has a very skewed outlook on the world. I like it.

The main site also has an archive section, the author's more personal blog "Francesco Explains it All" and even a "Peanuts Gallery". Fun stuff.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bye Bye, Bea

Watch this to the end:

Bea Arthur

Thanks for the laughs.

Great Game... Of course, I was snoozing!

Okay, the Red Sox and Yankees met last night for the first time this season. And of course, I went to sleep when it seemed obvious the Sox were heading for a loss.

When will I learn?


Whichever team you root for, you can always be assured of a great game when these two teams play each other. That said, GO SOX!!!

And check out this new commercial, combining the Red Sox, Dustin Pedroia and Dunkin Donuts - Sweet!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Theme Thursday - Fire

Theme Thursday - FIRE

My wife, upon hearing this week's theme, knew exactly what my post should be about, and I agreed.


On December 3, 1999, a fire broke out in a warehouse in Worcester, Massachusetts. Tragically, six Firefighters lost their lives battling the terrible blaze.


Lieutenant Thomas Spencer, 42; Firefighter James Lyons, 34; Firefighter Paul Brotherton, 41; Firefighter Timothy Jackson, 51; Firefighter Jeremiah Lucey, 38; Firefighter Joseph McGuirk, 38.


This fire hit close to home for us, literally. We live in a smaller town that borders Worcester. These were firemen in our community, and it was a truly shocking, sad, horrible time. I cannot believe it will be ten years this December.

I don't want to post a long summary of that day's events, or pictures of the fire. Instead, here are some links to more comprehensive sites you can view.


The Fallen Heroes


Worcester Telegram & Gazette - Warehouse Tragedy


The Worcester Firefighters' Remembrance Wall Unveiled


The Worcester Fire Fighters Memorial Photo Gallery


The Leary Firefighters Foundation


Wikipedia Page on The Worcester Cold Storage Fire


Our deepest gratitude goes to these six men, who gave their lives for their community, and for all fire fighters who do the same every day.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Na-Nu, Na-Nu, Dr. Monkey!

The very cool Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein (from the great blogs Monkey Muck and Yellow Volkswagen Theory) sent me this:


How very cool.

It is titled "Mork & Mindy - A Video Novel" and is a sort of paperback/comic book/photo recap of the first episode of the series, at least.

I vaguely remember this from my childhood. I think I may have ordered it once from the Scholastic Book Club or something similar, I don't know.

Dr. Monkey did a couple of very cool Pam Dawber posts: McCall's magazine cover here and the inside photos here. Very nice.

Thank you, Dr. Monkey! Much appreciated.

Na-Nu, Na-Nu!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

10 Movie Characters I Love

Bill R. from "The Kind of Face You Hate" tagged me in this meme, way back on April 4th. I somehow missed it. But since it is a fun meme, and right up my alley, I decided to post it now, better late than never!

So, here are the 10 Movie Characters I Love. These are the ones I just love watching, and, in some cases, wish I could be (at least for a little while).


1) Michael Myers (Halloween films)

Michael Myers

Michael was, and still is, the horror villain who scared the crap out of me. Lurking, barely hidden, behind car windows, bushes, clothes on a line, Michael watched you and waited. He was super-patient and always silent.

Watching the original "Halloween", late at night, in the dark, Michael can still give me the willies. I can't say that about many other characters.


2) Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th films)

Jason Voorhees

Jason is the quintessential freaky, outcast kid back for vengeance. Doesn't matter that the kids who picked on him, or the girl who offed his mom, are all gone. He will continue to make everyone pay.

Never one who "fit in" myself, I guess I can understand Jason on that level. Maybe that is why he has resonated so long for so many horror fans. We get him. Creepy, but true.


3) Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark, etc)

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones was smart, adventurous and brave, yet also a wee bit unsure of himself at the same time. He went on amazing adventures to exotic places and always won out over the bad guys. And he got the girl.

What boy in the early 80s didn't find a jump rope, a clothesline or something to use as Indy's whip?


4) Mikey Walsh (The Goonies)

Mikey Walsh

Where Indy was the adult we wanted to grow up to be, Mikey was the kid we were, having "adventures" with our friends.

Mikey gets to go on the real adventure we all dreamed we could have, finding a way to save his home and town in the process. And he does it with his friends, the Goonies.


5) George Bailey (It's a Wonderful Life)

George Bailey

George is a great kid who grows up to be an even greater man. He doesn't ever do anything big and showy, the adventures he dreams of having. Instead, he stays home and does what needs to be done, standing his ground for what he knows is right.

George is the kind of man we want to be, in our heart, doing what is right no matter what may be easier, or more profitable, or even just "cool". Doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do.


6) Rick Blaine (Casablanca)

Rick Blaine

Rick is the suave, cool, man-of-the-world who seems to have it all together. But, alas, he is just like everyone else, with his fair-share of heartbreak and pain.

At first cool and jaded, we soon see he still has a good heart. And when it comes down to it, he, too, does what is right. Even though it hurts.


7) Lisa Fremont (Rear Window)

Lisa Fremont

I went back and forth, unsure whether to include Grace Kelly's Lisa or Thelma Ritter's Stella in this list. Both characters, from Hitchcock's "Rear Window", are wonderful, as is James Stewart's L.B.

In the end, I chose Lisa, simply because she is my favorite of Grace Kelly's characters. Beautiful, smart, kind, witty, brave... She is just amazing. The fact that L.B. is so reluctant to marry her and settle down seems, to me, to be more about the awe he feels at living up to such a lady.


8) Nick & Nora Charles (The Thin Man book and films)

Nick & Nora Charles

Okay, so I cheated here. Obviously, Nick and Nora are two characters. But, I love them both, and can't imagine watching either of them apart. They work as a team, playing off one another like no other characters I know of.

Created by Dashiell Hammett, the characters came more to life in the movie and it's sequels. Played by William Powell and Myrna Loy, Nick and Nora are so great together, so much better than they are alone. Their banter is playful and adult, yet never mean or hurtful. They love each other, no matter what, and they "get" each other.

I wonder if we will ever see a couple like them in movies again.


9) Clark Griswold (National Lampoon's Vacation movies, specifically Christmas Vacation)

Clark Griswold

Clark is the stereotypical suburban dad, trying to have the best vacation ever with his family, even if all hell has broken loose and everyone wants to just go home.

I think Christmas Vacation is the best of the movies, truly showing the heart of the man in Clark. He just wants to give his family, and himself, the perfect Christmas ever, the celebration he remembers from childhood, even if he is only remembering the best parts of it himself.

To me, he is just a normal dad, trying his best, no matter what common sense tells him.


10) Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove)


Played with such gusto by the late, great Eartha Kitt, Yzma is the Disney horror villain who can never catch a break.

I just love how she tries so, so hard to be EVIL, yet is always thwarted. Yzma is diabolical, smart, creepy, everything that would make you think she will succeed in her nasty plans. But nothing ever goes her way. Just hilarious.


So, there are my ten. Of course, tomorrow or the next day, I will read this and think about who should be here who isn't. But, that's life!

Not going to tag anyone in particular. I would love to see your "top 10", but only if you want to. Hope you liked mine!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Movies I Have Seen


Blood Feast (1963)

[William Kerwin, Mal Arnold, Connie Mason]

I really cannot say anything positive about this film, other than the fact that it is considered the first movie in the horror sub-genre of Gore films. But, that said, this movie is a piece of crap!

There is a plot, albeit a thin one. A man goes on a killing spree, to re-enact a feast for an Egyptian goddess. He uses a catering job for a teenager's party as part of his plan. Yeah.

Ugh. The direction is inane. The acting is horrible. The music is overbearing and freaking annoying at times. Just one big UGH! I couldn't wait for this to end. The only way to watch a movie like this without wanting to scream is with the well-deserved mocking of the MST3K crew. They were sorely missed.

Will NOT watch this again, and you can't make me!


Children of Men (2006)

[Clive Owen, Clare-Hope Ashitey, Michael Caine]

I had heard great things about this film, and they were all true. It's an amazing movie.

In the not-too-distant future humans have lost the ability to conceive. There are no children, and humanity is falling into chaos. But something happens that may bring hope to the world.

Clive Owen really shines in his role as the reluctant hero, and Michael Caine is just one of many great supporting actors here. I really liked Clare-Hope Ashitey, she brought so much to her role: humor, pain, fear, hope. Just a great movie.

Would definitely watch it again.


The Ferryman (2007)

[John Rhys-Davies, Amber Sainsbury, Sally Stockwell]

I assumed this movie was a SciFi Channel type, C-grade "horror" film. But, I was wrong.

This is an Australian movie about six people on a charter boat off the coast of Australia. When they hear a distress call, they rescue a man from disabled ship. But he is not what he appears to be.

Don't want to say too much, or I'd give away the main plot here. But I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Definitely a horror film, this was well made and had a decent cast.

I liked it and would watch it again some time.


Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964)

[Connie Mason, William Kerwin, Jeffrey Allen]

This was directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis, the same director as "Blood Feast". This film is actually an improvement over that earlier film, but that's not saying much.

Some Yankee travellers are detoured to a small Southern town which is in the midst of it's Centennial celebration. Soon, the visitors learn that the townsfolk have a very strange idea of what constitutes celebrating.

The acting is better than in "Blood Feast", again - not saying too much. The scenes are horribly paced and the music... GAH! The music, as in the previous film, was annoying at times. Couldn't wait for this to end, cult film or not.

I just didn't like it and wouldn't watch it again.


Quarantine (2008)

[Jennifer Carpenter, Steve Harris, Jay Hernandez]

Okay, I have yet to see [REC], the movie that this film is a remake of. But I thought this movie was great, definitely a thrill ride.

A reporter and her cameraman tag-along with a fire department on a call. Upon arriving at the apartment building, they find bewildered residents and a seemingly ill and confused older woman. Things go from bad to much, much worse in a short amount of time.

The whole movie is shot from the cameraman's point of view, so it can be jumpy. But it works to add to the confusion that the people are themselves feeling and dealing with. Scary, frightening, unsettling, creepy. All great attributes for a horror movie to have, and this one has them all.

Definitely recommended for horror fans!


Sleuth (2007)

[Michael Caine, Jude Law]

This is a remake of the 1972 film "Sleuth", which starred Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine. Here, Caine has the Olivier role and Law has Caine's old role. Kenneth Branagh directed.

Basically, Wyke, a rich author, invites Tindle, his wife's young lover, to his estate to discuss their situation. Wyke claims to have a plan to help them both get what they want. But soon, both men are playing games.

I saw the original film for the first time last year and really liked it. This movie is good, but I think, having seen the previous film, I came into it with too much knowledge. I bet it would be a better film for someone who had no idea what the plot was or where it was headed.

I just think it tried too hard in some places to be different. Definitely prefer the original.


30 Days of Night (2007)

[Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Ben Foster, Mark Rendall]

I have never read the graphic novel this movie is based upon, so I went in with no expectations. And I enjoyed it, it is a good horror movie, if not really very frightening.

The northernmost town in the U.S., way up in Alaska, prepares for the beginning of a month of darkness. But, they have some very unwelcome visitors this year, and no one may live to see the next sunrise.

Acting was good, the "bad guys" sufficiently odd, creepy and violent. Hartnett seemed a bit young to be the sheriff of such a desolate, harsh place, but that is just minor nit-picking.

Nothing really scared me, bit it was an enjoyable movie with a good premise.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Funny - Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

A comic worth checking out:

SMBC - Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Weiner.

Weiner has that off-beat and quirky sense of humor I love. Some of his strips are worth a chuckle, others make you laugh out loud.

His site also has an extensive archive section (going back to 2002), a nearly 3,000 strong member forum and even a store!

Friday, April 17, 2009

new H2 pic... hmmm

Okay, so I haven't been excited about "Rob Zombie's H2: Halloween 2" or whatever it is being called. His "Halloween" remake didn't thrill me, it was too much. Too much back story, which I didn't think we really needed. Too much "kid Michael Myers". And too much gore. And believe me, I have enjoyed plenty of gory films, but it just didn't seem needed in a "Halloween" film.

Recently there has been talk of Michael going mask-less for much of the movie, mainly due to the shot of a bearded Tyler Mane sans mask that looked to be a scene from the film.

But, Zombie has said "Well, the truth is the movie is just now being edited so the exact percentage of mask wearing is unclear at this point. But fear not, Michael is seen wearing the mask as much if not more than you've ever seen him wearing a mask in any Halloween film. As seen below. Enjoy."

He also just released the following pic:


I like this one. Michael looks beaten and battered, yet still standing and damn creepy. The hood might seem kind of emo, but if the mask is so badly ruined (not to mention his head wounds), then it makes sense to cover it to draw less attention to himself. Although, that might be a moot point cause, really, look at him!

Anyway... I keep thinking maybe I am too much of a fan of the original film that my judgement is clouded on Zombie's take on the whole thing. "John Carpenter's Halloween" is my all-time favorite movie, and I guess it is just hard to see something that is, to me, the polar-opposite.

I will give his new film a chance, though. And before I see it, I will rewatch his "Halloween" again. Maybe a fresh look will let me see it differently.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Theme Thursday - Earth

The theme for this week's Theme Thursday is Earth.

You would think this would be easy, with so many different ways to go. But I found this one the hardest to do. I went back and forth. Should I do a post on Earth-related movies? Or be more "Earth Day" focused and talk about the environment?

Then, I remembered this video and it felt perfect. Enjoy!

Still enjoyable and inspiring. It expresses so much of what "Earth" is all about - many different people in many different places share this one planet.

We are all Earthlings.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It seems like the wait for this book has been longer than four years, but finally word came of a release date!

DEAN KOONTZ'S FRANKENSTEIN #3: DEAD AND ALIVE will be available on July 28, 2009.

Simultaneous with the publication of FRANKENSTEIN #3, Bantam Books is offering new editions of the first two volumes, available for the first time as premium paperbacks.

I really enjoyed the first two books in this trilogy, and am eager to read the final chapter.

Here is the info from Koontz's new Frankenstein website:


Every city has secrets. But none as terrible as this. His name is Deucalion, a tattooed man and sleight-of-reality artist who’s traveled for two centuries with a secret worse than death. He arrives in modern-day New Orleans as a serial killer stalks the streets, a killer who carefully selects his victims for the humanity that is missing in himself.

Is this an age-old conspiracy? A near-immortal race of beings, and killers that are more – and less – than human? They are stronger, heal better, and think faster than any humans ever created – and they must be destroyed. But not even Victor Helios – once Dr. Frankenstein – can stop the engineered killers he’s set loose.

On the case is Detective Carson O’Connor, who is cool, cynical, and every bit as tough as she looks. Her partner Michael Maddison would back her up all the way to hell itself – and that just may be where this case ends up.

Now, the only hope rests in Deucalion, a one-time “monster” and Frankenstein’s first attempt to build a perfect human, and his partners, the all-too-human detectives O’Connor and Maddison. Together, they must destroy a monstrosity that even Dr. Frankenstein could not imagine. Deucalion’s journey is fated to end in the ultimate confrontation between a damned creature his mad creator.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Movies I Have Seen


Dogboys (1998)

[Bryan Brown, Dean Cain, Tia Carrere]

Prison movie, where certain prisoners are used to not only train and care for tracking dogs, but be the prey the dogs hunt. Cain plays the newest prisoner suddenly involved in this dangerous world.

Sounds great, doesn't it? It's not, however. The "bad" prison guards/trainers are inept. It is amazing that they would have been able to keep a scheme like this going on so long. Carrere, as the D.A. suddenly onto the goings-on, is blah.

I just didn't care for it. This was a made-for-cable movie, I believe, and it shows. Seems like NO ONE brought their A-game to this movie, except maybe the dogs.

I would not watch it again.


10,000 B.C. (2008)

[Steve Strait, Camilla Belle, Cliff Curtis]

I had this movie on DVR for about 3 weeks. I was unsure of what to expect from it and kept putting off watching it.

I have to say, I liked it. Yes, I know there are a plethora of historical inaccuracies, but I wasn't watching it for a history lesson. Think of it as a fantasy tale, and you will enjoy it more. The film itself was fun, exciting and beautifully shot.

I waited until I was done watching to check out the rank it had on IMDb, and I have to say I was shocked that it is at only 4.9 out of 10. Seems to me it should rank higher.

I liked it and I would watch it again.


Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008)

[Drew Barrymore, Piper Perabo, Andy Garcia]

Watched this Disney film with my family, and we got a few laughs out of it. It's a simple story of a lost dog trying to get home. My kids said it was "okay". Enough said.

I have to mention: This movie has the second dog-flashback scene I have ever seen, when the German Shepherd dog recalls a crucial moment from his past. This is probably the ONE time where a scene like this can work, whereas the other scene like this, in the original "The Hills Have Eyes 2", a dog has a flashback to part 1. It is horrible and makes no sense, much like the rest of that movie.

While this film isn't an award-winner, it is okay for kids.


Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)

[Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen, Hugh Laurie, Will Arnett]

Saw this with the family on Easter day and we all liked it. The 3D adds to the fun of it all, but the story itself is enough to keep you interested.

Susan is a normal woman who soon becomes a "monster". Upon meeting other monsters, she is soon tasked with helping to stop an alien invasion.

Fun and funny movie that has some good chuckles. We all would see it again.


Funny Games (2007)

[Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Michael Pitt, Brady Corbet]

Never heard of this movie until this past week. It is a shot-by-shot remake of a 1997 Austrian film, with the same director helming both versions.

Basically, a well-off family, arriving at their summer home, is taken hostage by two oddly polite young men. Too say anything else about the plot would be giving too much away. Suffice to say, if you don't like horror films or super-intense thrillers, then avoid this movie.

I was initially unnerved and unsettled by this movie, it was truly a scary film. But I call shenanigans: I have issues with something towards the end, and I can't really say more about it. If you have seen it, you know what I am talking about. This scene completely changed the feel of the movie for me, and not in a good way. It was just too much.

Wouldn't bother to watch it again.


MST3K "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1991; original film 1964)

[John Call, Leonard Hicks, Bill McCutcheon, Pia Zadora]

What can I say? Another great episode of MST3K! The original film is bad, really bad. I don't think I could stand to watch it on it's own. Really cheesy.

But the crew from MST3K does an awesome job riffing on the whole production.

Definitely recommended!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Funny - PARA ABNORMAL

This is a funny web comic that I enjoy. It is as visually pleasing as it is funny-bone tickling.

PARA ABNORMAL is by Dave Lowe. He has a fun artistic style and an odd, quirky sense of humor. Might not be for everyone, but I find him quite amusing.

Here are two of his latest comics, Easter-themed funnies:

Very cute, off-beat and odd. My kind of comic.

You can view the strip at PARA ABNORMAL, where there are also extensive archives. And there is a PARA ABNORMAL Gift Shop, as well.

Hoppy Easter, everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Words to Live By...

You know, I always say you should give anything a chance, whether it's a book, a movie, a song, a food or a person, whatever. Something you automatically assume you won't like may just be something you find you love. And sometimes, even if you don't love the 'whole' of something, there may be a part, however small, that just speaks to you.

I say this because, while watching an episode of the old TV show "Designing Women", I was struck by just how real and true and meaningful this little speech by Julia is. Here is what she said, to her sister Suzanne:


"In the end, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about you. People are going to forget you about ten minutes after you die, anyway.

The point is, you have to be exactly who and what you want to be.

Most everybody's coasting along on phony public relations. People who say being beautiful or rich or thin makes them happy, people who are trying to make their marriages or their children seem better than they actually are. And for what? Appearances! Appearances don't count for diddly.

When it's all said and done, all that counts is what was true, and truly felt, and how we treated one another. And that's it."


This is something I truly believe we should all strive to remember. It may be a cliche, or corny, or whatever, but it is true and well-known for a reason.

Don't judge a book by it's cover.

And don't spend all your time making your "cover" pretty and appealing, cause all that really matters is what is inside.

Make the story of you amazing.


Here is the clip, from YouTube (jump to 14:00 for just the above speech):


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Theme Thursday - Egg

Egg. This is the theme chosen for this week's Theme Thursday.

I have to admit, this is one theme that has had me stumped. I didn't know where to go with this.

So, I am just going to run down a quick list of some eggs that have been of interest to me.


First up is one from my childhood. I give you the one and only Mork from Ork, with his eggship:

Mork Egg

I used to love "Mork & Mindy" when I was a kid, watched it every week. Robin Williams was hilarious, making Mork a truly memorable, one-of-a-kind character. I also had quite a crush on the lovely Pam Dawber, who played Mindy.


Speaking of Mork, this was one of my favorite toys as a kid:

Mork toy

Played with this all the time, until it was either broken or lost. Ah well. Good memories, however.


Next is this absolutely amazing creation:

Cadbury Creme Egg

The Cadbury Creme Egg consists of a chocolate egg shell filled with a white and yellow creme filling. It is delicious, and not too big to seem like a horrible snack choice. And no, I don't want to know the "Nutrition Facts", thank you very much.

By the way, does anyone else think these things have gotten a lot smaller over the years?


Here is a cousin to the creme egg:

Cadbury Mini Eggs

The Cadbury Mini Eggs are a smaller candy, made of a hard sugar shell with a chocolate filling. And they are very tasty. Could eat these little bastards by the bowl full.

Again, keep the nutrition facts to yourself.


Finally, I couldn't end this blog without something horror-related, so I give you this:

Alien Egg

This is an alien egg collectible from "Aliens", the 1986 sequel to the hit "Alien". The alien queen has an egg chamber in the movie, and Sigourney Weaver's Ripley manages to destroy most of them.

Nasty little buggers, ain't they?


Hope you enjoyed this rather bizarre post.

Now I gotta find me some Cadbury eggs!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Go TREK Yourself...

Via "The Daily What", I found this fun Cheez-It Star Trek generator.

Here I am, as a Romulan:

Yeah... Interesting.

You can make yourself Vulcan, Romulan or just plain human... which you should already be, but hey, I guess one should never assume.

Have fun, and let me know if you do Trek yourself!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Movies This Week

It Waits (2005)

[Cerina Vincent, Dominic Zamprogna]

This movie is about a demon that is released from a cave in the forests of a mountain, and the park ranger who tries to survive it.

The scenery is beautiful. Some of the acting isn't bad. But the plot is just lacking. And the scares aren't scary. The ranger, Danny, has a backstory of pain and guilt that is supposed to make you feel for her. But I just didn't care. Too much of a mish-mash for me. It was all just boring.

I would not watch it again.


The Mask of Zorro (1998)

[Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Anthony Hopkins]

Finally, a GREAT movie! This was recommended by Calvin from Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool and I want to thank him.

Great story, great acting, great action... Just great. This has to be the best version of Zorro ever. I know lots of remakes or reimaginings get bad-raps (and usually for good reason), but this shows that sometimes, when all the right people are involved, it can become an even better creation. Wonderful movie.

Will DEFINITELY watch this one again!


Dawn of the Dead (2004)

[Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, Jack Weber, Mekhi Phifer]

Okay, I have never been a big zombie fan. I mean, I like the idea of them, but my only "favorite zombie movie" has ever been the original Night of the Living Dead (1968).

I have yet to see the original "Dawn of the Dead", so I can't compare that one to this remake. But this film was great. Loved the characters, loved the scenes and the action. The zombies were scary as hell, chasing the people, but not as "specific" victims, just to eat.

I am going to have to see some more of these movies, as so many other horror fans cite some of them as movies they love. Maybe, if they are as good as this one, they will grow on me, too.


Shivers (1975)

[Paul Hampton, Joe Silver, Lynn Lowry, Barbara Steele]

This is the Canadian horror film by David Cronenberg. Basically, it is about parasitic creatures run amok in an apartment building, initially spread around by an unaware, promiscuous girl who a scientist uses as a guinea pig.

This movie was better than I thought it was going to be. I am usually wary of Cronenberg, as some of his films just are too much, visually, for me. This one definitely has some of those scenes, but it wasn't as "much" as I expected.

When the M.D. checks on that guy in the bed... well, THAT was quite the scene. And the end reminds me of a horde of zombies.

Good horror flick, definitely a 70s movie, for sure! Might watch it again sometime, and I might have to give Cronenberg flicks another chance.


The 13th Warrior (1999)

[Antonio Banderas, Vladimir Kulich]

Another recommendation from Calvin, this movie is about an Arabic man named Ahmed who is sent on mission, but only as a means to get him out of his city, since he has ticked off a nobleman.

He soon meets a group of Vikings and when an oracle deems that 13 men must go on a mission to thwart some horrific beings known as the Wendol, he becomes the 13th man.

While not my usual type of movie, this is still a great one with amazing action and acting, and beautiful scenery. I think I need to watch it again, to appreciate it all. Definitely recommended.


Nightwatch (1997)

[Ewan McGregor, Josh Brolin, Patricia Arquette, Nick Nolte]

Martin, a law school student, gets a job as a night guard at a morgue. At the same time a killer is offing prostitutes and his best friend is also acting quite strangely. Martin is soon under suspicion himself. Is someone framing him or is he the killer?

This is a remake of a Danish film called Nattevagten (1994). Both films were directed by Ole Bornedal. I haven't seen the original, so I can't compare the two.

McGregor is good, his accent pops in here and there, though. Brolin and Nolte are good, as well.

Good mystery/thriller with an intense ending. I would watch it again sometime.


Pan's Labyrinth (El Laberinto del fauno) (2006)

[Ivana Baquero, Doug Jones, Maribel Verdu]

I had heard great things about this movie, and it is all true. It is a great story set in 1940's Spain, after the Spanish Civil War. A girl and her pregnant mother move to live with the mother's new husband, a sadistic Captain. She encounters a bizarre faun in the garden and is soon caught up in strange quest.

Guillermo del Toro is a great director, crafting an amazingly complex and intriguing tale, an adult fantasy tale, albeit a very sad one. The mythical creatures are amazing, and compared with some of the humans, much less scary.

Great movie, although a bit violent at times. I will watch it again.


Captivity (2007)

[Elisha Cuthbert, Daniel Gillies, Pruitt Taylor Vince]

This was a movie I went into with not much hope. Just thought it was gonna be another Saw/Hostel type movie. It was actually different, not great, but better than I expected.

A super-model is drugged and kidnapped from a charity party, and her captivity at the hands of a sadistic tormentor is more disgusting than terrifying. Don't want to say more, as I would give something away, I am sure.

Not great, like I said, but better than a lot of films I have seen. Not for the squeamish, however.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day - GO SOX!!!

Even though the first official game of the baseball season was last night, and barring any rain delays, today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball!

The Boston Red Sox are my team and they are scheduled to play the Tampa Bay Rays at 2:05. Check out their full schedule here.


Let's hope it's a great season! AND GO SOX!!!

ADDED: The game has been postponed because of rain... DOH!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Funny - Chopping Block

Here is a web comic that you may or may not have seen. It is one I find hilarious (usually), yet disturbing (often).

CHOPPING BLOCK is by Lee Adam Herold, from Pennsylvania. It is about the daily life of Butch - a mask-wearing serial killer in the vein of Jason Voorhees, but Butch is also a cannibal. Oh, and he likes to collect "souvenirs". It is NOT for the faint-of-heart or easily-offended. I cannot stress that enough.

Here is a mild example:


Remember, I said this one was MILD. They are sometimes much, MUCH darker.

You have been warned.

You can view the strip at CHOPPINGBLOCK.ORG or at the ARCHIVE DATING BACK TO 2000

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Theme Thursday - 10

Theme Thursday this week is "10", so I decided to do 10 films that are the tenth entries in their respective series.

(And I am excluding 'adult' films... sorry, WAY too many in that genre!)



Jason X (2002)


The tenth film in the "Friday the 13th" series, this film is the "Jason in space" movie. Seems to be an love it/hate it film among fans, but I like it.

I know it is lacking in plot and such (what F13 movie isn't?), but I think it makes up for that with an interesting premise (hey, at least they tried something different), some interesting kills and UBER-Jason. Not as fun as Part VI: Jason Lives, but fun in it's own right.

I definitely rank it higher than a few others in this series (Jason Takes Manhattan, anyone?). And it's also Kane Hodder's swan-song as Mr. Voorhees.



H2: Halloween 2 (to be released later this year)


This is the tenth film in the successful Halloween series, but only the first sequel to "Rob Zombie's Halloween". Supposedly picking up where the first film left off, this movie will apparently feature the consequences of Myers rampage in the previous film.

I am not really excited about this one. Zombie's Halloween was a let down for me, too much in the vein of Hostel or the Saw movies. One of the things I like about the original film is the unknown, the mystery, as to why Michael is as he is. This film goes overboard to show you it all. Not my cup of tea.

But, I will give this film a chance. Hope for the best.



Witchcraft X: Mistress of the Craft (1998)


10 years after Witchcraft comes this tenth film in the series. This direct-to-video sequel ranks 1.4 stars out of 10 on IMDb's site, out 226 votes. I have never seen it, so I can't comment on it's quality. But, the series HAS to be making a profit if they are still making them, right? According to the site, a Part 13 was released in 2008.

The plot: In England, bisexual British vampires free Californian Satanist Hyde from police custody; LAPD Detective Lutz and Interpol's Bureau 17 try to catch them.

Anybody seen these films?



All Monsters Attack (aka Godzilla's Revenge) (aka Gojira-Minira-Gabara: Oru kaijû daishingeki) (1969)


Okay... So, I have not seen this film in a LOOOOONG time, not since my "Creature Double Feature" days. I don't remember it.

But, it's a Godzilla film that also features the monsters Anguirus, Ebirah, Gabara, Gorosaurus, Kamacuras, Kumong, Manda, Minilla and the Giant Gondor. Now, that's 10 monsters, in one film, and it's the 10th Godzilla film. Serendipity!



Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)


This tenth film in the Star Trek franchise is the fourth one to feature the Next Generation cast. It ended up being the final film before the "reboot" movie "Star Trek", due out this May.

This is the film that some cite as the "burnout" of the Star Trek franchise. It is an okay film, more so maybe for Trek fans that non-fans. It also has an ending I didn't especially care for.



Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear (1945)


Sherlock Holmes is the most filmed fictional character, with nearly 200 appearances to date, including a new film due out late this year with Robert Downey, Jr. as Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear is the tenth film of the Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce series. Rathbone's Holmes and Bruce's Dr. Watson are considered by many to be the quintessential portrayals of the characters.

This film, based on "The Five Orange Pips" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is sort of in the vein of "10 Little Indians", in that the murders keep occurring and Holmes must deduce the culprit.



Blondie Goes to College (1942)


Never saw any of the films in the "Blondie" series. I am sure they are a fun watch, if you like oldies or comedies. This film is the tenth in the series, of course, out of a total of 28 films - wow!

In this movie, Dagwood wants to go to college and Blondie wants another baby. A young Lloyd Bridges has a role as a college student.



The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)


This is the tenth film in the James Bond series, and the third to star Roger Moore as bond. Many fans of the series consider this one of the best entries.

In this one, the villain Stromberg wants to destroy the world and build his own undersea civilization. I have never been a major Bond fan, but Moore was always my favorite 007, mainly due to the fact that he was the one I grew up with.



Perry Mason: The Case of the Lethal Lesson (1989)


This is the tenth film of the 30 TV movies that reunited the "Perry Mason" cast from the classic show. These came out around the same time "Murder, She Wrote" and "Matlock" were popular shows.

Speaking of "Perry Mason", there is a television station in Portland, Oregon that has been playing the show almost non-stop in the noon timeslot since 1966. Calls come in if, for any reason, the channel pre-empts the show. Talk about devotion!



The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration (2003)


This is the tenth entry in the (as of 2007) 13 movie-strong series about the dinosaur Littlefoot and his friends.

My daughter was a fan of these movies when she was really little, but she outgrew them awhile ago.

This entry also features the voices of James Garner, Bernadette Peters and Kiefer Sutherland.


I only did 10 movies here (keeping with the theme), so if you know of others, let me know.