Thursday, April 2, 2009

Theme Thursday - 10

Theme Thursday this week is "10", so I decided to do 10 films that are the tenth entries in their respective series.

(And I am excluding 'adult' films... sorry, WAY too many in that genre!)



Jason X (2002)


The tenth film in the "Friday the 13th" series, this film is the "Jason in space" movie. Seems to be an love it/hate it film among fans, but I like it.

I know it is lacking in plot and such (what F13 movie isn't?), but I think it makes up for that with an interesting premise (hey, at least they tried something different), some interesting kills and UBER-Jason. Not as fun as Part VI: Jason Lives, but fun in it's own right.

I definitely rank it higher than a few others in this series (Jason Takes Manhattan, anyone?). And it's also Kane Hodder's swan-song as Mr. Voorhees.



H2: Halloween 2 (to be released later this year)


This is the tenth film in the successful Halloween series, but only the first sequel to "Rob Zombie's Halloween". Supposedly picking up where the first film left off, this movie will apparently feature the consequences of Myers rampage in the previous film.

I am not really excited about this one. Zombie's Halloween was a let down for me, too much in the vein of Hostel or the Saw movies. One of the things I like about the original film is the unknown, the mystery, as to why Michael is as he is. This film goes overboard to show you it all. Not my cup of tea.

But, I will give this film a chance. Hope for the best.



Witchcraft X: Mistress of the Craft (1998)


10 years after Witchcraft comes this tenth film in the series. This direct-to-video sequel ranks 1.4 stars out of 10 on IMDb's site, out 226 votes. I have never seen it, so I can't comment on it's quality. But, the series HAS to be making a profit if they are still making them, right? According to the site, a Part 13 was released in 2008.

The plot: In England, bisexual British vampires free Californian Satanist Hyde from police custody; LAPD Detective Lutz and Interpol's Bureau 17 try to catch them.

Anybody seen these films?



All Monsters Attack (aka Godzilla's Revenge) (aka Gojira-Minira-Gabara: Oru kaijû daishingeki) (1969)


Okay... So, I have not seen this film in a LOOOOONG time, not since my "Creature Double Feature" days. I don't remember it.

But, it's a Godzilla film that also features the monsters Anguirus, Ebirah, Gabara, Gorosaurus, Kamacuras, Kumong, Manda, Minilla and the Giant Gondor. Now, that's 10 monsters, in one film, and it's the 10th Godzilla film. Serendipity!



Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)


This tenth film in the Star Trek franchise is the fourth one to feature the Next Generation cast. It ended up being the final film before the "reboot" movie "Star Trek", due out this May.

This is the film that some cite as the "burnout" of the Star Trek franchise. It is an okay film, more so maybe for Trek fans that non-fans. It also has an ending I didn't especially care for.



Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear (1945)


Sherlock Holmes is the most filmed fictional character, with nearly 200 appearances to date, including a new film due out late this year with Robert Downey, Jr. as Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear is the tenth film of the Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce series. Rathbone's Holmes and Bruce's Dr. Watson are considered by many to be the quintessential portrayals of the characters.

This film, based on "The Five Orange Pips" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is sort of in the vein of "10 Little Indians", in that the murders keep occurring and Holmes must deduce the culprit.



Blondie Goes to College (1942)


Never saw any of the films in the "Blondie" series. I am sure they are a fun watch, if you like oldies or comedies. This film is the tenth in the series, of course, out of a total of 28 films - wow!

In this movie, Dagwood wants to go to college and Blondie wants another baby. A young Lloyd Bridges has a role as a college student.



The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)


This is the tenth film in the James Bond series, and the third to star Roger Moore as bond. Many fans of the series consider this one of the best entries.

In this one, the villain Stromberg wants to destroy the world and build his own undersea civilization. I have never been a major Bond fan, but Moore was always my favorite 007, mainly due to the fact that he was the one I grew up with.



Perry Mason: The Case of the Lethal Lesson (1989)


This is the tenth film of the 30 TV movies that reunited the "Perry Mason" cast from the classic show. These came out around the same time "Murder, She Wrote" and "Matlock" were popular shows.

Speaking of "Perry Mason", there is a television station in Portland, Oregon that has been playing the show almost non-stop in the noon timeslot since 1966. Calls come in if, for any reason, the channel pre-empts the show. Talk about devotion!



The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration (2003)


This is the tenth entry in the (as of 2007) 13 movie-strong series about the dinosaur Littlefoot and his friends.

My daughter was a fan of these movies when she was really little, but she outgrew them awhile ago.

This entry also features the voices of James Garner, Bernadette Peters and Kiefer Sutherland.


I only did 10 movies here (keeping with the theme), so if you know of others, let me know.


  1. I apologise in advance for what I am about to say but the only movie title I could come up with (somewhat relevant to the theme) was..."how to lose a guy in 10 days" lol

    Great post. Got to watch some of the movies you mention here :-)

    Take care
    peace and love

  2. What Candie says :) Nice take on the theme! Loves the old Blondie movies and Perry Mason!

  3. fun post...have seen a few. love the 007 movie. really want to see the Godzilla one!

  4. I haven't seen any of these movies. It gives me a list to take to the library for future watching.

  5. That was interesting. I had no idea Land before Time was up to 10! My kids outgrew them by the time they were at 5 I guess. And here we think there were too many Rocky movies at 5 and look at all these movie francishes!

  6. Wow! How did you find and follow the trail leading to some of these?! Didn't know that about Sherlock Holmes, either.

  7. Perry Mason!!!!! A Good List, hey Im another who hasnt seen any of them.must seek out the DVDs!

  8. You didn't include "Tarzan and His Mate" which was the 10th filmed Tarzan if you include the silent films.

  9. I have never seen any of the Witchraft series. Robert Downey as Holmes? Really? Might have to check that out to see if he can transition from Iron Man to detective.

  10. I had no idea there were ten of any of these! Clever take on ten!

  11. I haven't watched a Godzilla movie since about 1972! That used to be a thing my husband & another couple did on Friday nights... watch Godzilla movies & drink beer! So long far away! Enjoyed your list!

  12. Have seen a good few of them! Great twist to the theme - will be sure to stop by again. Your writing seems inspiring :-)

  13. The Land before Time....Ugh...we watched the 1st one until the tape broke. Kill me please.

  14. Alan Smithee grew up with Roger Moore as Bond too, but he has warmed to Sean Connery.

  15. here was i thinking i wont have seen any of these

    but hey! Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond (ofc)...

    good list

  16. Now this is a good use of the theme, Wings. Love those old Holmes, I wish TCM would have a nice long marathon some time.

    My offspring also went through a tremendous LBT phase - still have all the stuffed animals in the closet!

  17. I have only seen 2 of the films in the 'Land before Time' series- and none of the others you mention!

    You must have an encyclopaedic film knowledge!

  18. Candie: I tried!

    Marianna: Hope you enjoy some. I have never seen the "How to Lose a Guy..." flick.

    subtorp77: I wish Perry Mason would air around here!

    Brian: The Godzilla one does look good. :)

    Dakota Bear: Glad I could help! :)

    VE: Yeah, many sites I checked had the Rocky films or Lethal Weapon films at "most sequels"... HA!

    tut-tut: Just did some research. IMDb is a great tool! I need to see more of the Sherlock Holmes flicks.

    tony: I bet some are online, as well as DVD.

    Michael Rawluk: Well, I kept my list to 10 films. But, I should have included "Tarzan and His Mate" and left of the "Witchcraft" movie, I guess.

    Ronda: Downey does seem like he would make an interesting Holmes!

    willow: Thanks. :)

    Lizzy: Those sound like they were good times!

    Dot-Com: Thank you very much.

    Tom: Yeah I hear ya. We had plenty of movies we watched til the tapes broke.

    Alan Smithee: Connery is good, but Moore is Bond.

    lettuce: I thought the same thing going into this, but was amazed that I had seen some!

    Coffee Messiah: Thanks!

    Megan: A TCM Holmes marathon would be sweet! And yah, we have lots of various "gotta have it" toys, too.

  19. Cinnamon: Not encyclopedic, but definitely a brain full of (almost) useless information! :)

  20. I started reading number 1 and thought oh no we're back to Horror Movies and I am too scared to watch them. But then I got to Movies 5,6,7,8,9, and 10 and realized I have seen most or all from these movies. I would say your brain is oh so full of useful information. I like your movie reviews better than those that give them on TV. I never watch them anymore cause their views are just not normal anymore. Yours seem to be normal.

    Thanks for sharing and doing all this research.

    God bless.

  21. wow! i never saw ANY of these! the only 10 movie i could come up with was "10 things i hate about you"

  22. Here is a memory: I'm 6 years old sitting cross-legged on carpet watching The Land Before Time in my first grade class. Now there is a Land Before Time 10??? Wow..time flies.

  23. I love Godzilla! My father has most of them on VHS but I don't remember seeing the one you mentioned. Now you know what I'll be doing this weekend.

  24. ALL MONSTERS ATTACK, most commonly known as GODZILLA'S REVENGE, is a hugely lackluster film that is particularly interesting to the child persuasion. I believed it followed after DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, which although it appealed to children, it wasn't downright targeted to them, like this flick is. GODZILLA'S REVENGE features a large amount of stock footage of Godzilla's other fights inter cut with either horrible dubbing on the American companies part or head-bangingly disturbing performances from the young boy/girl in the flick.

    Really, skip ALL MONSTER'S ATTACK and focus your energy on the recent Millennium series, like Shusuke Kaneko's awesome GODZILLA, MOTHRA & KING GHIDORAH: GIANT MONSTERS ALL-OUT ATTACK! (2001), which mixes in a little spirituality with the series' sci-fi elements. Or the Mechagodzilla films of 1974 and '75.

    Great list, mate! This blog is always a joy to read.


  25. Joe you are my new movie guru. I watched "Shrooms" based on your last Thursday post . . ok American teen shmulz but there was a bit of the Blair Witch about it and a kick ass twist at the end! You are my new best friend! Although out of that lot . .gotta go with The Land Before Time . .

  26. Mrsupole: Thanks! Horror movies are my favorite, but I try and watch anything. Glad you like!

    Jaime: Yeah, and that is one I didn't even think of! hahaha

    Evening Light Writer: Yes, it flies way too fast sometimes.

    Mouse: I haven't seen anywhere near enough Perry Mason.

    Gabby: Hope it is good!

    A.P. Simon: Oh, well... guess they can't all be good. That 2001 movie sounds fun, though. And thanks!

    Kris: No, sorry. :(

    Baino: Glad you liked it, I still need to see it. And thanks! :)

  27. What a great idea for this theme. I found it a hard one to do. I also like your blog and will have to return when I have more time to read. Interesting stuff here.

    Ps. Thanks for stopping by my site. Hope you found it worth a return visit as well.

  28. Rita - Thanks, I appreciate it and I will definitely swing by your blog again! :)

  29. trivia alert - i can see Dartmoor from my house ( the setting for Hound of the Baskervilles )- but more strange I shared a house ( when i was at college) with Basil Rathbone's great nephew. He used to think he was a good actor - he wasn't ( talking about my house-mate here)

  30. hey,
    i'm not big on movies, but i think my boy friend has seen just about all of them.
    i always fall asleep!!!

  31. I have fond memories of playing with The Land Before Time puppets from Pizza Hut. Who knew that franchise would prove to be so profitable.

    And dear sir, Jason Takes Manhattan is actually my favorite entry in the series. I think I may be alone in that thought.

  32. Holy mother of god, there are a lot of comments on here. Mine almost feels redundant.

    I, too, had no clue Land Before Time was up to 10, let alone 13 - I cried at the cinema during the first one. Sigh.

    As for leaving out adult film - shame on you. Though, it would take a special someone to face up to that challenge.

  33. to echo Gore Gore Girl there are a lot of comments on here.

    why does Zombie have to ruin more of the Halloween legacy? i hope he calls it a day with H2. i'm not giving him the benifit of the doubt this time. fool me once... i won't get fooled again.

    If he even thinks of touching Haloween 3: season of the witch and silver shamrock and the creepy jingle he's a terrible person who will need to be stopped. H3 doesn't need a remake. it was perfect the 1st time.

  34. Steve: Those are some very cool facts!

    Auntie: To each their own, as they say...

    Betty: Thanks!

    Emily: I am sure there are other Jason Takes Manhattan fans out there. Where, I don't know, but...

    Gore-Gore Girl: Well, I left them off for two reasons: 1) My kids read this blog, too and 2) There are probably WAY too many part 10 to contend with!

    wiec?: I agree wih you. Halloween 3 is it's own package of 80s/cheesy/horror goodness. No need to tamper. But, like any remake, the new one doesn't affect the original. :)

  35. Hi! Caffeinated Joe,
    All 10 of your titles are very interesting, but alas, I only watched number 6...Sherlock Holmes and The House of Fear.
    Because I own the complete Sherlock Holmes series with Rathbone and Bruce. "Scary"
    films...Please forget about it!...Blood and Gore!...Yikes, but I still really like your blog!...
    I stayed and lingered.
    Thanks, for sharing!
    Deedee ;-D

  36. Films....: Glad you like the blog, thank you! I love the Rathbone/Bruce films, as well. Wish they played more of them on cable. :)