Thursday, April 30, 2009

Theme Thursday - Water

Theme Thursday - WATER

Being the fan that I am, there was only one way for me to go with this week's theme:


Aquaman has always been my favorite super-hero. He is perennially the easiest for people to joke about, but this stems mainly from a general ignorance as to what he is truly capable of. Not only can he breathe underwater and 'talk' to sea life, but he is also super-humanly strong, amazingly fast and the King of Atlantis - heck, the King of the Seven Seas!

His origin has gone through many changes over the years, as has his temperament, his costume and his ability to sell comics. But he has maintained a popularity over more than six decades, through many rises and falls in the comic book industry.

I became a fan when I was a kid through the Saturday morning cartoon "The Super-Friends". Later, I was reintroduced to the character through comic books, and have been a fan ever since. I can't say I am happy with how DC Comics has treated the character as of late, but I am hopeful we will see a return, one day, to the Aquaman we know and love. And there are hundreds of comics, dozens of shows and tons of merchandise to enjoy until then!

Aquaman 2

Here are some great links concerning the King of the Seven Seas, swim over and check them out!

The Unofficial Aquaman Website - Laura runs an awesome, extensive site with everything you needed to know about Aquaman!

The Aquaman Shrine - Rob runs another great site, with everything and anything pertaining to Aquaman. My own "Aquaman Shrine" is one of the many Rob has posted on his site.

Wikipedia page with tons of Aquaman information

DC Comics Aquaman Message Board

A previous post of mine, a collage of 25 Aquaman "A" icons.

Aquaman and his wife, Mera


  1. Great post! I totally forgot about Aquaman (sacrilage, you say). I feel so ashamed,what with me being a fan-girl and all. Have you seen Entourage where Vinnie has done the Aquaman movie?

  2. Aquaman's wife is hot...doesn't she get kidnapped by a shark who wants to destroy the world in one episode?

  3. Hmmm I had no idea of Aquaman's existence! thank you...amazing what one learns :)

    take care

  4. Aquaman?? What is this Aquaman of which you speak? hehe JK - I see him every day! Love you!

  5. Great!I didn't know Aquaman!cool.

  6. nice play. always been a batman fan, but liked aquaman as he is often relagated to the background.

  7. So what about the Silver Surfer? are he and Aquaman friends??

  8. isn't he portrayed in a comic to be Neptune, the god of the sea? known to humans as Aquaman, which he actually despises? lol. I forget now where I read that...

  9. I used to read Aquaman extensively in the early 1960s -- in the back of World's Finest, IIRC -- and in later years resented the fact that he was too often dismissed as just a Sub-Mariner rip-off.

    I haven't read current DCs since Starman (the James Robinson version) ended. Is Aquaman still married to Mera? They haven't killed her off, or made her a Nazi, or had her appear on The Jerry Springer Show, even?

  10. I would never make fun of Aquaman having been a fan of the Green Hornet and his bad@ss ring.

    Gotta say, though I prefer men, his wife is hot.

  11. Didn't know about Aquaman. Sounds like I have been missing out.

  12. A new superhero for me! I'm liking this Theme Thursday. So many different aspects.

  13. There was The Phantom for a while when I was a kid. He was my favourite but seemed to disappear.

  14. Outstanding, I am a total fan of action hero, Aquaman is defiitely oneof my favs along with Flash Gordon....

  15. Just being able to breathe underwater and talk with sea creatures would make him a hero in my book. Interesting post.

  16. I'd completely forgotten about Aquaman. Now I'll have to check out all the links :-)

  17. hmmmmm
    i dunno
    what about submariner?

  18. Hey, we all have our obsessions. Who was it that Patrick Duffy played back in the 70s? Not Aquaman, was it?
    Very illuminating post.


  19. The pre-Dallas Patrick Duffy starred in The Man from Atlantis.

    (By the way, here we are talking about Aquaman, Sub-Mariner, and The Man from Atlantis, and the letters I have to enter in the Word Verification box spell out "subbiest." Weird...)

  20. Thanks Silver's all coming back to me now. (That TV Guide photo for the new Fall Season).


  21. I don't know why people don't Aquaman, he's really hot...I'd rather be with someone who can talk to marine life than someone who shoots web out of his hands...seems more alluring and practical from where I stand. Imagine the conversation at the dinner table; "Man I talked with this bass that had one heck of an ego problem."

  22. Hi! Caffeinated Joe,
    My brother, know every superhero known to man (and woman kind)...Personally, I'am a
    big fan of actor Val Kilmer's portrayal of Batman.
    But, nice post about your fav(orite) super-hero and the connection to this (T)heme this (T)hursday~Water.Deedee ;-D

  23. Ah all those super heros. I remember reading the comics as a kid but I can't remember and too bad I didn't save all of those first editions...who knew they would be so collectible?

  24. Nice post Joe, and thanks for the hat tip!

  25. who knew? I am intriqued by this character, Aquaman. Great post.

  26. Didn't see that one comming. Most original take I have seen so far!

  27. Ronda: I have never seen an episode of Entourage! :(

    Tom: I am sure she was kidnapped by more than just sharks over the years! And sadly, Black Manta is responsible for their son's death.

    Marianna: I can't believe some of you didn't know Aquaman before this!

    Ravyn: Love you, too! :)

    Candie: Ack! You too? ;)

    Brian: He was relegated to the background TOO often.

    JGH: Silver Surfer is part of Marvel Comics. And he is an interstellar 'space' surfer.

    reyjr: Aquaman has had strained relationships with Neptune and Posiedon over the years.

    Silver Fox: Aquaman and Mera are, I think, technically married. But he is currently dead, set to 'revived" in a new comic this summer, I believe. (And weird about your captcha word!)

    Cuppa Jo: Yes, Aquaman did find quite the beauty in Mera.

    Dakota Bear: Get thee to a comic shop ASAP!

    tut-tut: Glad you like it!

    Michael Rawluck: I believe the Phantom is set for a revamp movie on SciFi Channel later this year or next year.

    Debo: Glad to hear it! :)

    Sandra: Here, here!

    Dot-Com: Hope you enjoyed the links.

    lettuce: Sub-Mariner is part of Marvel Comics. And he is a jerk! :)

    Poetikat: Yeah, Duffy played the Man from Atlantis. Thanks, Silver Fox!

    Kris: I am sure it has been addressed at one point or another, but I don't recall.

    Evening Light Writer: Very good point! :)

    books, coffee, etc: Very cool, glad you know some from your brother!

    Colette: Yeah, you would make a mint on them now! :)

    rob!: From you, that is high praise. Thanks for checking it out.

    C.M.: Another one who didn't know Aquaman?

    Hey, tomorrow is "Free Comic Book Day" - stop in a comic shop near you, get some free issues of different things, and look through some back issue bins for Aquaman - You won't regret it! :)

  28. Bugger . he's married? Life is so unfair!

  29. Great Post...I particularly love the way the new Brave and Bold version of Aquaman is unlike any version we have see before. Not the grim and gritty and grouchy Justice League version but a bigger than life King with a ego the size of the oceans themselves. He is the most interesting guy in the room because he KNOWS he is. When he helps me rid the seas of the cephlopod scourge it will be one HELL of a party.

  30. This is a fun one. Love your images. Never having been a comic book kid, I get a kick out of all these characters, many of whom I think were just invented. My husband continues to reassure me they are from back in the day.

  31. aquaman! i used to love those comics.

  32. Baino: Yes, although they had had quite their ups and downs. And he is technically dead now, I suppose. So that is a snag.

    Calvin: I like the new, Brave & Bold Aquaman, too. He is not the same Aquaman from the old days, but he is so much better than grim-and-depressing from these later days.

    California Girl: Yeah, Aquaman has been around since 1941!

    Jaime: Cool! Me too! :)

  33. didn't you used to think when you were a kid Wonder Woman and Aqua Man kinda were an item on Super Friends?

    He was always riding shotgun with her in the invisible jet and when ever the gang all split up to fight crime or natural disasters etc around the world they always paired up. i dunno?

    also on super friends l used to love that sound effect his face made when the circles would shoot out and he'd tell the fish what to do.

  34. wiec?: Well, I never saw the Super-Friends Aquaman and Wonder Woman as a couple. But... in the comics, I think it could have worked, as he was the King of Atlantis and she was the Princess of Themyscira (sp), they had A LOT in common! :)

  35. Hey I never heard of this Geezer before!I have (another)Hero!Great Post