Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Funny - PARA ABNORMAL

This is a funny web comic that I enjoy. It is as visually pleasing as it is funny-bone tickling.

PARA ABNORMAL is by Dave Lowe. He has a fun artistic style and an odd, quirky sense of humor. Might not be for everyone, but I find him quite amusing.

Here are two of his latest comics, Easter-themed funnies:

Very cute, off-beat and odd. My kind of comic.

You can view the strip at PARA ABNORMAL, where there are also extensive archives. And there is a PARA ABNORMAL Gift Shop, as well.

Hoppy Easter, everyone!


  1. Joe,
    That frankenpeep bunny image is disturbing, yet lovable at the same time.
    Happy Easter, dude.

  2. Hey Joe!

    They have Dunkin' Donuts in Mexico City. I kid you not. I wish they had 'em here in St. Thomas. Can't beat their coffee!