Friday, April 17, 2009

new H2 pic... hmmm

Okay, so I haven't been excited about "Rob Zombie's H2: Halloween 2" or whatever it is being called. His "Halloween" remake didn't thrill me, it was too much. Too much back story, which I didn't think we really needed. Too much "kid Michael Myers". And too much gore. And believe me, I have enjoyed plenty of gory films, but it just didn't seem needed in a "Halloween" film.

Recently there has been talk of Michael going mask-less for much of the movie, mainly due to the shot of a bearded Tyler Mane sans mask that looked to be a scene from the film.

But, Zombie has said "Well, the truth is the movie is just now being edited so the exact percentage of mask wearing is unclear at this point. But fear not, Michael is seen wearing the mask as much if not more than you've ever seen him wearing a mask in any Halloween film. As seen below. Enjoy."

He also just released the following pic:


I like this one. Michael looks beaten and battered, yet still standing and damn creepy. The hood might seem kind of emo, but if the mask is so badly ruined (not to mention his head wounds), then it makes sense to cover it to draw less attention to himself. Although, that might be a moot point cause, really, look at him!

Anyway... I keep thinking maybe I am too much of a fan of the original film that my judgement is clouded on Zombie's take on the whole thing. "John Carpenter's Halloween" is my all-time favorite movie, and I guess it is just hard to see something that is, to me, the polar-opposite.

I will give his new film a chance, though. And before I see it, I will rewatch his "Halloween" again. Maybe a fresh look will let me see it differently.


  1. Horror fans who begged for gritty gross and disturbing horror films akin to those released during the 1970's got their wish with Zombie. The Devil's Rejects would be right at home in a grindhouse theater.

    However, Halloween was more cerebral - low on gore, high on unseen primal fears... Zombie chose the wrong film to remake. He should've tackled something more up his alley like Last House on the Left or a Fulci film.

    Anyway, that's my two cents for what it's worth.

  2. Gilligan: I think you are right on both counts. Zombie is well-tuned in to the grindhouse type films. Heck, a horror film combo with him and Tarantino might be something intertesting. If nothing else, it would be hard to watch for the squeamish.

    I do wish some other director had helmed the "Halloween" remake. But, what's done is done, I suppose.

  3. i gotta agree with Gilligan. He hit the nail on the head. for a modern day Grind House movie Devil's Rejects is a good solid effort. Halloween is the slow burn suspenseful thinking man's slasher. Zombie wants the best of both worlds and missed the mark in his remake.

    Zombie's Halloween? my sister gave it to me for Xmas last year. it almost ruined 2 holidays for me at the same time. it was too much in some respects and not enough in others. No build up or suspense just gore for gore's sake. i'm sure i'll watch his pt.2. i just won't be expecting much.

    and keep that mask on Michael.

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  4. have you seen Let the Right One In? I thought it was brilliant

  5. Scary stuff *grin* Have to agree with Lettuce, if you haven't seen Let The Right One In, now is the time :-)

  6. wiec?: Yeah, I agree with him, too. And Michael does need his mask!

    lettuce & Dot-Com: Have "Let the Right One In" in my queue. Have heard only good things about it!

  7. Love that hoodie and cracked mask on Michael. Now remember I am not a slasher film afficianado like you guys but he kinda gives me that anti-HERO feeling with that look? Am I spouting blasphemy? Can we imagine a scenerio where he is the hero of the picture - like letting him loose in a prison during a hurricane or is that just buggy?