Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie Monday

Only watched one film this week, so this will be short!

Dead of Night (1945)

[Mervyn Johns, Sally Ann Howes, Michael Redgrave]

This is a British portmanteau, which is basically a movie with a central plot that is used to tell other smaller stories. Sort of like an anthology. I had never heard of this film.

I liked it! A horror/thriller/mystery, it begins with a man arriving at a country estate and realizing he has seen the place before. Upon meeting the people inside, he is now sure he has dreamt of the place, and them, previously.

He meets some skepticism, mainly in the form of a serious-minded doctor. However, the other people come to his defense in a way, each telling a story about some mysterious, supernatural encounter they have had in their own lives.

Some of the smaller tales are creepy, scary (probably scarier back in '45), and one is even humorous. A twist ending is very well done and eerie and ties it all together nicely. The ventriloquist dummy story is very creepy!

Very nice movie, not just for mystery/horror fans, or fans of older movies, but just as a fun movie to watch and enjoy. Definitely recommended!

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  1. Will add it to the list. Need a number of movies for the week anyway, as I'm away on business till Friday. Gets boring, so movies are great :-)