Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Na-Nu, Na-Nu, Dr. Monkey!

The very cool Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein (from the great blogs Monkey Muck and Yellow Volkswagen Theory) sent me this:


How very cool.

It is titled "Mork & Mindy - A Video Novel" and is a sort of paperback/comic book/photo recap of the first episode of the series, at least.

I vaguely remember this from my childhood. I think I may have ordered it once from the Scholastic Book Club or something similar, I don't know.

Dr. Monkey did a couple of very cool Pam Dawber posts: McCall's magazine cover here and the inside photos here. Very nice.

Thank you, Dr. Monkey! Much appreciated.

Na-Nu, Na-Nu!


  1. You are most welcome my friend. I thought of you the second I saw that in the thrift store.

  2. Well, I appreciate it. Very cool, thank you!