Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day - GO SOX!!!

Even though the first official game of the baseball season was last night, and barring any rain delays, today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball!

The Boston Red Sox are my team and they are scheduled to play the Tampa Bay Rays at 2:05. Check out their full schedule here.


Let's hope it's a great season! AND GO SOX!!!

ADDED: The game has been postponed because of rain... DOH!


  1. Heh, heh,'s been raining! Then again, I don't follow sports, any-more. But if they do play; well then good luck :)

  2. Oh no. Not another one.

    Nation member, I mean.

    Boo Sox!


  3. subtorp77: Yeah, we got rained out. Opening tomorrow instead.

    Megan: Hell, yeah! And not just I, my whole family are RED SOX fans!

  4. Ha, ha, ha, Yeah! Go Sawx! Here's to Boomah, Rico, Tony C, Gentleman Jim, and Yaz! And Fall River's own Russ Gibson!

  5. The great Mr. Beautiful here, on my little ol' blog? Wowzers.

    Pretty sure none of those dudes will be taking the field, but it would all kinds of awesome. From another of Fall River's own.

  6. Let's hope the rain passes. It's getting too dreary out-side. Two days is enough...wait! what's this I see? Ach! Snow! In Leicester!***whew***, just a bit mixed in, nothing to worry about :)