Friday, July 1, 2011

DC Comics Relaunch

Geeks of Doom posted the following industry video from DC Comics:

Granted, this is PRO-relaunch all the way, because it IS from the company itself. But I am just as excited as these bigwigs at the company are.

Some fans - heck, A LOT of fans - are up in arms over this relaunch, reboot, renumbering. They don't want to "lose" their DCU or the characters they love. But I have been reading the awesome book "DC Comics Year by Year: A Visual Chronicle" and it has helped me see that this is not the first time DC has redone things. It may be the first time they have done it so blatantly, with a total restart all at once, but DC has had many incarnations.

Maybe this is so different because fans are now so connected, with the internet, and can be a united, vocal voice. But should DC just stay the course and hope for the best? No. They need to do whatever it takes to survive as a company. That's just common sense. And they have always done that. Heck, look back to the 70s and the "DC Implosion".

This relaunch could end up crashing and burning, but I hope it succeeds. I hope this is the beginning of a great, new age for the company and that, one day, in a revised and updated version of "DC Comics Year by Year", my grandkids are reading about this new start and all that came after.

For more on the relaunch, and a gallery of the #1 issue covers,
check out DC Universe: The Source

Cover to Aquaman #1


  1. Speaking of comics, you may have seen that my graphic novel is finally available on CD. I know it's not from DC or Marvel or any of the other corporate publishers, so maybe you missed seeing it.

  2. Wishing you all the best on your comic, Doc! Anyone who wants to check it out, head over to Hip Deep, Mountain High at

  3. I think the whole "up in arms thing" has seemed so prevalent because the negative response to anything on the internet is always the loudest. This, the Green Lantern movie, the Lost finale, etc. It doesn't matter if something is actually bad, pretty mediocre, or just plain awesome - the negativity will always cry the loudest and longest.