Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Smoky Mountain Christmas

Haven't done a "Guilty No More" post in a LONG time, but here's one for ya:

A Smoky Mountain Christmas, from 1986, starring Dolly Parton, Lee Majors, Bo Hopkins and Dan Hedaya, with an appearance by John Ritter at the end.

The film is about a music star named Lorna Davis who, needing to reconnect with her roots, heads off to spend Christmas at a friend's cabin in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. When she gets there, she finds seven orphans using the cabin as their home. After encounters with a scary mountain man, a self-centered sheriff and a jealous witch-woman, Lorna and the kids struggle to spend Christmas - and the future - together.

Cheesy? You bet.
It is a simple yet sweet holiday story that isn't trying to be anything more. The plot uses many elements from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as a template, but the tale is just about a bunch of loners who find their way to making their own kind of family.

The actors give their best to their roles, and we get the bonus of hearing Parton sing some great Christmastime country music.
Why these tunes were never released on a soundtrack is beyond me.

I have enjoyed watching this movie for years, usually on CMT, but for some reason they aren't airing it at all this Christmas. So, thanks to YouTube and user Miss Ashleigh Wardle, the film is below. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!


  1. we have been DVR-ing old christmas movies and watching them as we could...have not seen this one in a while and dont think we caught it yet so will have to look it up...merry christmas to you and yours man...

  2. Brian: Well, it's here if you can't find it. Happy Holidays to you & your family, as well!

  3. maybe they are pissed she has a movie coming out and didnt give them a piece of the action.

  4. Okay, I expected the kids in the cabin to be attacked turning it into a horror story but it actually sounds kinda sweet. Looking forward to catching it!