Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grab a coffee, here's more links to browse...

Some sites I have come across over the past month:

First off, you can get Wireless Amber Alerts on your cell phone. A good idea, you never know when you could be a big help to someone!

I Met a Friendly Atheist, a poem. Thanks to Hemant Mehta.

Also thanks to Hemant, The Instruction Manual for Life.

Want to see a cereal box from your childhood? Check out the Cereal Box Archive.

20 Worst Food in America. eep!

But Malt-O-Meal Blueberry Muffin Tops Cereal looks really good!

PhotoFunia - cool effects you can use on your photos. Fun stuff!

Got a ditty stuck in your noggin? Search for any song you want to hear right now.

Big Diamond 2. VERY addictive game. I actually finished it, but it wasn't easy.

Another fun game, ef is more calming, but also addictive. How far can you evolve?

Nova Chain makes you use your noodle to get through each level.

Ice Breaker. Fun game, you have to figure out how to free the Vikings from the blocks of ice and get them back to their boat.

Hardboiled... 45 mini games of increasing difficulty. I gave up after awhile!

Interesting Pile has a list of more games to play!

Online coloring pages for kids. Or adults. Just saying.

Make your own online comic strip.

Find out when your favorite sports team is playing and set up alerts to remind you.

Lastly, some Monkeys Talk About Religion. There is a short ad before the monkeys start.

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  1. Some of these links sound pretty cool ~ thanks for sharing ~ I'm off to check them out. . . :-)