Friday, January 23, 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3D

I saw "My Bloody Valentine 3D" tonight and I liked it. It is definitely a movie for horror fans, however, and I say this because of some kills which even made me wince. Now, this is okay because I like a movie that can surprise and scare me. But for non-horror or gore fans, it may be too much. I know my Mrs. spent A LOT of time hiding behind her coat!

The story is okay, nothing major. Basically, they follow the same plot as the original 1981 film. But the movie does have shocks and scares and it genuinely is there to give you what you paid for - a good old hour-and-a-half of R-rated horror goodness. And that is what I want when I see a film, to have a good time. Every movie does NOT have to try and be the next Oscar-worthy blockbuster. The people who made this movie get that, I think, and give the fans what they want. Oh, and there is a nude scene, as well. Or rather, an extended nude scene, as it goes on for quite a few minutes. Definitey embraced their R-rating, they did.

I also have to comment on the "Real D" 3D technology used in the film. It is incredible! This is the first flick I have seen this way, and I really enjoyed it. Everything seemed so life-like. The glasses appear to be clear lenses, not the old "blue and red" 3D specs. I hope more movies take advantage of this technology.

All in all, a good horror movie for horror movie fans. Recommended for those that like them!

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  1. That movie scared the beejeezus out of me...