Monday, February 23, 2009

Cutting Class... or, I Want My 90 Mintues Back!

Ok, so I DVR'd a movie the other day called "Cutting Class". It is a horror pic from 1989 I had never gotten around to watching, and I should have kept it that way. It's main "claim to fame" is being one of Brad Pitt's first big movie breaks. And really, that is ALL it has going for it. His acting is okay, but... the rest... meh.

On IMDb, it says the movie is a comedy/horror/thriller. This movie doesn't succeed or deliver on any of those levels. Not funny, not scary, not captivating. Just boring. Martin Mull and Roddy McDowall are both in this in minor parts, McDowall's role just being odd and Mull's being dumb.

There are good "bad movies" and bad "bad movies" and this is DEFINITELY a bad one. Not fun, in any regard, unless the MST3K guys ever need fodder for a reunion show or for their newer RiffTrax site.

NOT recommended, unless you are masochistic.


  1. Hmmmm - I just added this one to my Netflix Queue, the other day - a friend recommended it to me, as it was similar to another movie that I reviewed [that I enjoyed]
    I can't remember what it was now - guess I will just have to wait and see. . .

    Thank you for the heads up though! :-)

  2. Ok... You will have to tell me what you think when you see it!

  3. I will - though I am in no rush to see it ;-)

  4. Ah, but therein lies the rub, for you are masochistic.