Monday, June 21, 2010

Guilty No More #1

First day of Summer here, so I am starting a new feature I hope you will all enjoy:

Guilty No More

We all have things we like or even love that we may feel guilty about, for whatever reason. Maybe a book is considered 'trashy', a CD thought to be 'uncool', a television show 'mindless brain-candy', or even a movie of a 'D-level or less' status. We know the thing we like is considered of less-than-stellar quality, but it doesn't matter. Something about it appeals to us, keeps us entertained and brings us back for more. And that should be all that matters. To each their own, as we all should know by now.

So, I refuse to feel guilty any more. I like what I like. You can like it, too, or not - I don't care. I just am going to embrace them and bring them into the spotlight, where they belong.

Without further ado, here is something I enjoy and for which I will feel Guilty No More:

The Pirate Movie (1982)

The Pirate Movie

Figured I should start this feature of with what is considered a really guilty pleasure!

This film, starring Kristy McNichol and Christopher Atkins, is definitely not the greatest movie ever made, but for a kid in the 80s, it was something weird and wonderful to behold.

The movie got a lot of play on 80s cable channels like HBO, so my brother and I watched it over and over again. It was just wacky, weird and fun, never really taking itself too seriously. The characters constantly break the fourth wall and it's all in good fun.

The plot: The fantasy world of a shy, awkward girl named Mabel comes to life after she meets the handsome, dashing Frederic. In her fantasy, he must save her from pirates. But obligations to those same pirates interfere.  In the end, who will need saving?

The movie is a sort of reimagining of The Pirates of Penzance, but played loose and for laughs, with light pop 80s musical numbers throughout. Definitely of its time, however it is still a movie I can watch, laugh at and enjoy for the good humor and fun it was obviously made with. The actors all appear to be having a good time, and we can just relax and enjoy it, too.

This is one of the films that gave me a love for movies, television shows and even celebrities who don't take themselves overly seriously. Something great in watching something or someone that can laugh at itself, along with the audience.

So there you go, I am a fan of The Pirate Movie. And guilty no more!

Enjoy some quotes and then a musical number from the film:


Frederic: [moments after meeting for the first time] Look, I know this is going to sound silly, but I think I love you. I think I might even want to marry you. 
Mabel: God, that was a short love scene! 


The Pirate King: Away to the ship and hoist up that chain doodad!
Samuel: Anchor, sir?
The Pirate King: No, Sam. Just disappointment. 


Mabel: Frederic, you're not gay, are you? 
Frederic: [high voice] No! 
[clears throat and in a lower voice] 
Frederic: No. 
Mabel: The way you and the Pirate King get around in those rather feminine, pleated shirts and all that leather. 
Frederic: Mabel! 
Mabel: Hey! I'm not prejudiced. I mean, what does this country got a navy for? Screw 'em if they can't take a joke! 
Frederic: You're weird. 
Mabel: All kidding aside, tell me this. Are you a virgin? 
Frederic: I don't know. 
Mabel: Near enough. 



Want to read more? Check out The 80s Rewind - The Pirate Movie


  1. i'll check it out because my 9 year old daughter is into many of the old shows, even the ones i loved like bewitched, i dream of jeanie, nanny and the professor, i guess i'm outing myself on the guilty pleasures list too!
    i love a good mid-century sitcom!

  2. how did i miss this gem of a movie...

  3. Turbans and pith helmets with plumes! I already like this movie!

  4. That was the best guilty-pleasure defense I've read today.



  5. Yeh, I have to admit that I have seen this one more than I should have. I blame pay-TV back in the day also. I tend to really go for musicals where I can sing the songs. "I Am A Pirate King" should be my anthem - because it IS, it IS a glorious thing to be a Pirate King.

  6. Ha . . nice idea although I'm ashamed to say I've never seen the movie, that's not so say I' don't have guilty pleasures but I'll confess those another day. Love the'gay' quote.

  7. I have never seen this movie and this is the first I've heard of his guilty pleasure! Hmmmm

  8. What an excellent idea for a feature! Great start, too. Now I need to see this movie again...

  9. Random, I have never once in my life heard of this one Wings! As an avid fan of 80s Fantasy, I would totally get in to this one though. No one with an affinity for THE PRINCESS BRIDE could bash this one lol.. Hope all is well my friend!

  10. I've never seen it, but certainly heard of it, I'll keep an eye out for it. Thanks!

  11. Once in a while I still say when exasperated, "he tore our god damn sail again!"