Sunday, June 27, 2010

Guilty No More #2

Time to step up and admit another Guilty Pleasure:

AFV (aka America's Funniest Home Videos)

Okay, so this one may not be an "unknown" like The Pirate Movie, but lots of people seem to scoff at this show, and I can't see the reason why.

Basically, the show is made up of home video snippets sent in by viewers. We get to see the hilarious (and sometimes weird) moments caught on tape (or whatever) and laugh along with the subjects. Yeah, it's not highbrow stuff, but who says it needs to be? As they say, laughter is the best medicine.

Granted, sometimes the segments between clips, with the host making jokes, can be lame. But I believe this is true more of the earlier seasons with Bob Saget than now, with newer host Tom Bergeron.

Anyway, we all watch it for the slips and falls, cute kids and strange pets, right?

Enjoy some soccer-themed clips below:

Good stuff! AFV is something of which I will feel Guilty No More!


  1. I don't mind the genuinely funny bits but I also don't get much pleasure from watching people get hurt. Although I've often thought of sending a'pet' clip in because the prize money is pretty awesome and I have a dog that plays soccer with a ball and a stick!

  2. haha. love AFV...seriously though some of them have to be staged or i am concerned for the human race...smiles.

  3. It's still on? Haven't watched it in years! I remember when it first came out - we never missed. Silly fun.

  4. My father, who just passed away this March, never missed an episode. He loved it!

  5. LOL! One of my grandmothers favorite shows...staged or not some of those are seriously funny. I know I shouldn't laugh...but I do!


  6. hahahaha....probably the guilty pleasure of a lot of folks. If i'm flipping channels and America's Funniest Home Videos comes on, i stick with it, at least until the next commercial comes on. But those cheesy audience members who laugh so heartily ("coached") have to go!

  7. watching people getting hit in the head with a soccer balls is funny. slipping and falling is funny. dogs stealing the ball is funny. the only thing the clip was lacking was a clip or four of a soccer ball hitting dad in the testicles. that is never not funny.

  8. Ooh...we like this too although we only watch it if we happen to catch it on TV. But sometimes there are things on there that will make you laugh til' you cry. But I agree that some of the host's segues are lame and annoying. No shame at all in enjoying this fun show! :o)

  9. I honestly havent watched since the glorious days of Danny Tanner, but occassionally I am guilty of snickering when the wife has it on in the other room!