Thursday, March 24, 2011


Last week I did a post of one of Shakespeare's Sonnets. I have been reading them lately, and am subscribing to all 154 of them through DailyLit. Felt like sharing it.

And that is what brings me to this blog title: Crossroads. I haven't posted here since New Year's, except for a cartoon and the sonnet. I have felt like this blog lost its purpose, for me. Why? I am not sure.

Part of it might be the Horror road I went onto here. I never intended for this blog to be just a horror blog. I had originally intended this blog to just be, well, whatever I felt like posting. Here is what I originally posted when I started this blog:


So, I will post what I want, when I want and how I want. I won't ask anyone to read it or comment on it or care about it.

I will at least be getting some flotsam and jetsam out of my head. Maybe I can help my writing, find some ideas for stories, articles - whatever. But it will all be just for me.

Feel free to read, or not. Feel free to share, or not. Enjoy it, or not.


I don't want to just close up shop here, so I am going to try and get back to that mindset. My blog, my space, I will post whatever.

Let's hope it works. And thanks to those who didn't delete me when things got quiet in these parts.

It is appreciated.


  1. heck yeah, post whatever, if people dont like it...oh well...good to see you...

  2. Oh, how horrifyingly scary. Your way with words is excellent. Great take.


  3. Brian: Thanks, I am going to try.

    Jeff: You should take a picture of your ass with a mortar board on it.

  4. I hope you do come back but if you don't I want to thank you for all the love and support you gave me in those early days when I was trying to find my footing. I thought about giving up many time but often all it took was your one word comments to make me go on. Be well my friend.

  5. Kal: Thanks. I am going to give it my best, but even then I don't think I can ever be as abundant as you in posting. You are above and beyond us all, sir.

  6. I agree, your blog...your posts. I have enjoyed reading your posts and looking forward to having you back.


  7. FQ: Thanks, that's the plan. :)