Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DC Comics - A fresh start

All around the Internet is the news that DC Comics is starting over.

In short, the DCU will be 'rebooting'. All comics - 52 of them - will be starting with #1 issues. Also, the characters and their shared universe will be younger and fresher, apparently. Lastly, the company will be making comics available in both retail shops and in digital form on the same day. A big change, but a needed one. Hopefully a move that will save the company for the future.

I am thrilled with all of this. I have long said that the DCU was in need a restart. So much was weighing these characters down, confusing fans and keeping possible new fans at bay. Too much to wade through. While comics should be read for the story, it was too hard to feel like you could get into just the story when you had missed so much before. Or were just confused by how it all 'fit together'.

My favorite character is Aquaman, a long running DC hero. He will be part of this reboot, and I am honestly quite okay with that. From what I have read, the creators behind all this are going to keep what is iconic or important and just build from that. I couldn't ask for more. I hope this is the beginning of a new, great age for the DCU.

So, I am going to be optimistic and hopeful for this change. A new day and a fresh take on the comic universe I love the most is a thing to be excited for. I, for one, will be there buying some #1 issues and hoping to fall in love with the form all over again.

Check out the DC Universe: The Source.


  1. It promises to be interesting. Hopefully, It will simplify storylines and characters.

  2. is there a tie to the 52 series they did a while back...hmm....interesting....