Friday, June 24, 2011

New Feature: Reasons Why I Love TV

Over at the great Michael May's Adventureblog, he did a post about 100 things he loves about TV. He was inspired by Siskoid's Blog of Geekery and his 100 things he loves about television.

I love their lists, and agree with a bunch of their choices. So, I wanted to follow suit but hesitated, for two reasons. 1: I was afraid I would forget things, people, moments - whatever - and I would hate that. And 2: I would take forever to get it done.

Instead, I have decided to turn it into a feature here. When I think of one of the things I love about TV, I will do a short post and share. Hope you enjoy them and hope they bring back some memories for you, as well!

Reason #1 Why I Love TV:

Start this off with something near and dear to me: Friday the 13th: The Series.

friday the 13th

Michael May had this show at # 64 on his list, saying "That Friday the 13th: The Series was way better than the movies it got its name from." I think the show and the movies are enjoyable in their own rights, but I am just so glad he mentioned it!

Too many times it gets knocked for either being "that Friday the 13th show" or "having nothing to do with Jason." I truly think this is one of those times when a show's title was both a boon and a curse. Having that name certainly brought eyes to the show in the beginning. What horror fan didn't want to see what this was all about? And, to this day, it gets mentioned merely for that association with the Jason Voorhees' franchise.

But it was also hindered by that title. Being unrelated to the movies turned off lots of fans, people who didn't stick around to see what the show had to offer on its own merits. And non-horror fans just disregarded the whole thing based on that name alone.

I admit that I tuned in at first because I was curious. Friday the 13th on the small screen, every week? Interesting. But I fell in love with the characters, the setting, the premise - all of it - from that first episode. Jason wasn't there, but there was a new, strange, dark world there that fascinated me. And I was hooked.

The show should have gone on longer, but that is ancient history now. We have the three seasons and can enjoy them again and again now, thanks to the DVD releases.

Friday the 13th: The Series. The #1 Reason Why I Love TV.

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  1. {{big smile}} I could not have described that better. Also my all time favorite show.

    Think I might have to watch it again...I mean it has been a few months now since I did :)

    Thanks for sharing.