Monday, March 5, 2012


For my birthday,
we had buffalo chicken and pizza and played Uno.

My wife got me a fun, personalized card and
an awesome, retro speaker for my iPod. Love it!

My daughter wrote me a very sweet, heartfelt letter,
which I love, but won't be sharing here.

My oldest son and daughter-in-law stopped for a visit
and gave me a new game - Farkel Party.

My youngest son made me this video for my birthday:

How cool is that?

I am a lucky guy.


  1. great day, great video... happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday my brother. You know you raised some good kids if you get something so personal and treasured as a gift they put EFFORT into. You are a lucky man and you have always known that. All my love to you and yours.

    1. Thanks, Cal. I do know I am a lucky guy. Had to update the post, as my oldest son and his wife stopped in to visit, too. Cool day, all around. :)

  3. Happy Birthday man! Sounds like you had a blast! Lucky man indeed!

  4. That video is just super cool. Thanks for sharing it with us and hope you had a great birthday!


  5. Glad you had a good birthday Joe. Sorry I'm a little late, but I've never really had good timing.

  6. What a good birthday. You have a very attentive and loving family. Sounds like the day was fun at the time and also in memory, with a sweetness that will not fade. (And Snickers bars too--my favorite!)