Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus - Yeah, You Heard Me...

Calvin over in his Canadian Cave of Coolness brought this movie to my attention:

Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus

It looks so bad. So, so bad. Yet, I am intrigued.

A Mega Shark, a Giant Octopus, explosions, screaming, death, destruction, Lorenzo Lamas AND Deborah Gibson?!?! I know it won't live up to the sheer awesomeness of it's parts, but really, could anything live up to all that?

Johnny Boots did a post about 'guilty pleasure horror movies' today at his Freddy in Space blog. I tossed in my two cents for my choice, the mother of all "sub-par animal vengeance flicks", Jaws: The Revenge. I guess whatever flaw in my brain draws me to that movie also finds something, however small, in this new movie.

We shall see. Or at least, I know I will see.

Masochist. A movie masochist, that's what I am.

...help me...


  1. Awesome! It looks horrid, I can't wait.

  2. There was a freakin trailer???? OMG that is the best movie ever. We have to make sure that we keep everyone posted so that we can celebrate the day this comes out. How else will we get the movies we want and really, this is exactly what we all want. OH NO..won't show the trailer in my region like I am Osama Bin Calvin again. I hate you USA but I loves me some Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. Thanks Brother...I had to add that trailer to my post about this movie...oh and finally...DID YOU SEE THAT FREAKIN SHARK DIVE AT THAT FREAKIN PLANE...GOLD!

  3. ugh...you have to be a masochist!
    BTW, Orca was just as aweful as the Jaw's sequels..maybe worse.

  4. OMG!What an explosive mixing-up!
    I think just Lorenzo Lamas is enough,too much..I don't think I would be able to handle it,lol.

  5. Oh Joe . . .do you think I'll be able to get it down under? My daughter and I have just split our sides not just at the title but the promo . ."It's a menace!" you think? Please please let me know when it's out/downloadable.

  6. iasa: Like minds!

    Calvin: Just such cheesy wonder. Can't wait til this hits the mailbox via Netflix!

    Tom: Haven't seen "Orca" in years! Have to give that a re-see!

    Candie: Aw, c'mon, throw caution to the wind! :)

    Baino: I have no idea, actually. I am getting my rental through Netflix. I assume it will be available to purchase online. Good luck!

  7. total must see...love bad movies myself...too bad (good) to be true

  8. wow. that trailer has left me speechless. i wait with 'baited' breath for the film. sorry.

    great blog!

    James :P

  9. James: Well, have heard a few bad things about it, but I am still going to watch it with an open mind. And maybe a drink or two.

    Thanks for the kind words!

  10. I hadn't heard anything about it until i visited your fine blog.

    I did however hear nothing but bad reports about the likes of Shark Attack 3: Megaladon, Spiders 1-3 and Octopus 1-2 - and it didn't stop me from checking them out with a fine bottle of merlot. good times. :P

  11. Insert Will Ferrell into this Mega Shark movie and it instantly becomes a "blockbuster comedy hit"