Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Funny - Leroy Lockhorn Appreciation Society

Thought I would do something a little different today. Instead of showcasing a comic strip, I am going to mention a blog that focus on a comic strip.

The Leroy Lockhorn Appreciation Society

An example, click to enlarge.

This feature was started by Mr. Beautiful on his Mister Beautiful blog. He has recently moved the premise to a blog of it's own.

He showcases each day's "The Lockhorns" comic panel and offers some theories as to what is going on in the minds of Leroy, his wife Loretta and their "friends" and neighbors.

Leroy and Loretta have a uniquely passive-aggressive relationship. And they seemed trapped together in their weird world, which sometimes verges on a total void. The strip needs someone like Mr. Beautiful to ponder the insane depths of the characters and their motives.

Since this is a new blog, there aren't many followers. And that needs to change, so click on over and check it out. Leroy needs the support!

The Leroy Lockhorn Appreciation Society


  1. nice! always look forward to sunday here. i am a comic fan so...have a great to check the link!

  2. I'll check it out, but only if I get to mention bird shit in my coffee.

  3. Wings,thanks for this! I've been reading The Lockhorns since, well, I could read( almost ). Will definitely be linking to this :)

  4. How many blogs can one person follow? Hell, as many as she wants, right?

    Thanks C.J.

  5. Wings, many, many thanks for the shout-out. Your synopsis of The Lockhorns was spot on. I would also recommend Lockhorn vs. Lockhorn, which is witty and greatly detailed. This guy even keeps score! Right now, he has Loretta in the lead by about 10 points. Leroy needs our support.

  6. Brian: Please do!

    Jeff: Bleh!

    subtorp: Cool! :)

    Megan: Heck, yeah!

    Mr. Beautiful: You're welcome. Like I said, you and Leroy need a posse. :)