Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friday the 13th: The Storm

The Storm

The short, unofficial film "Friday the 13th: The Storm" has been released to view online. And after waiting a long while for this, I really didn't care too much for it. I was expecting something amazing due to the minor hype it had created. But it wasn't really anything special.

On the positive side, the actor playing Jason was good, and his make-up and costume were really faithful to the character. And the film was well shot, the lighting great and all that. Well done, technically, I suppose.

But the story was just blah, for me. Nothing really exciting or different. In fact, some parts were taken from other "F13" films. I am sure they will say it was done in a sort of homage to the originals, but it just felt repetitive.

Ah well, better than the usual fan-made stuff, but just not what I was expecting.

Here is the synopsis and the video itself, which is available at Timberwolf West Entertainment:

Jason Voorhees rampages through a family’s home during a powerful thunder storm in this Friday the 13th tribute film shot in HD.

For mature audiences only; features extreme violence, nudity and language.

Approx. runtime: 14 mins.

FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE STORM from Timberwolf Entertainment on Vimeo.

Thanks to Friday the 13th Films Blog for the heads up!


  1. i remember as a young boy watching my first F13 movie and being scared to go to sleep that night. hockey masks were just never the same...

  2. Yea.. it was well done I'll say that, but as for being unoriginal or repetitive... I think its kinda the point. The whole series is that way. Not saying its bad, I like the series, but its not groundbreaking stuff. I thought it was cool... very well made tribute film