Monday, August 17, 2009

Movie Monday - Two Movies and a Quiz


Okay, haven't had time to see many movies in the last two weeks. Other matters took precedence. To compensate, I will do something different after the two reviews I do have!


Miss Marple, Series IV: They Do It With Mirrors (2009)

[Julia McKenzie, Emma Griffiths Malin, Penelope Wilton, Sarah Smart, Joan Collins]

Another episode of the BBC Marple series, this time Miss Marple is asked by an old friend to go check in on her sister. A suspicious fire has triggered worry that someone has it in for the woman. Marple finds an eclectic family who soon become suspects in a death.

A good mystery, this version of the Christie character has grown on me over the past couple of weeks. Nice twists and interesting characters help to bring the story to life.

Definitely recommended.


Monster A-Go-Go (1965)

[Phil Morton, June Travis, George Perry]

Wow. What a mish-mash mess of a movie.

The plot, that there is, involves an astronaut supposedly replaced, I think, by a space monster. But then, maybe not?

Just frustrating to watch, as things don't make sense. Reading up, I see the movie wasn't finished right away, and when it was completed, it was without the previous cast. Scenes were just filmed and added into the flick.

Not good, and not recommended. Wish I had watched the "MST3K" version, instead!


To make up for the lack of reviews, here is a Halloween movie series quiz from the AMC site:

click the pic to take the quiz!

I got 100% correct!

Love to hear what you score!



  1. You know, I know you're not supposed to judge things by their title or cover, but Monster A-Go-Go just seems like a warning to stay away.

    Orgy A-Go-Go, now, I might watch...

  2. I got 60% - not bad for seeing movies while hiding under your shirt and behind my fingers, huh? hahaha

  3. dang it. i got an 80%. i missed the Busta Rhymes question and the scream queen question. congrats on the perfect score though.

  4. Can't believe you braved Monster-a-Go-Go without the benefit of MST3K. One of the most painful movie-watching experiences of my life, even with the benefit of the Satellite of Love.

    I watched it within 24 hours of seeing "Santa With Muscles" about two years ago during the holidays. Together, they ruined Christmas.

  5. Have you ever seen Mr. Boogedy? Or Bride of Boogedy? Early 90's kids classics. Lots of fun for the fam.

  6. Jeff: I did say I was a masochist when it comes to movies.

    Ravyn: Not a bad score!

    wiec?: Not a bad score, either! Be proud!

    Brian: Hah! Ah well...

    The League: SOunds like one tough Christmas, indeed!

    Actionman: Nope, never heard of either of those! Interesting. :)