Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thriller/Horror Movie Mash-Up Magic!

The Vault of Horror posted this yesterday, and I just had to share.

Warning: If you don't like horror, some of these scenes will NOT be your cup of tea.

Quite awesome and very well done!

A great way to kick of the Halloween Season, and what better day to share it than on what would have been Michael Jackson's 51st birthday?

This video was created last year ago by Mark & Chris Wournell.


  1. I quite dug that. A little heavy on The Exorcist, though.

  2. that was indeed the best! so many of those cues were perfect. especially Price's laugh at the end. thanks for that.

    also i totally agree with you on Halloween 2. less is more. sure i'll see it but on DVD. my sister will probably give it to me for xmas.

  3. ok, going to have trouble sleeping tonight...

  4. Awesome . . I've seen more horror movies than I thought!

  5. The funny thing is that I could identify every scene!

  6. that was really good and as you said if i don't like horror movies but i am a lover of horror movies and i have watched so many of those.Watch Horror Movies online