Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Month: The Art of Rob Kelly

Today, I am going to spotlight the wonderful art of Rob Kelly.

A little about Rob, from his own site:

"I have been a professional Illustrator and Graphic Designer for over ten years. I love being an artist--it's the greatest gig in the world--and I like to think the enthusiasm and pride I have in my chosen profession comes across in my work. You make the call!

My illustrations have appeared in and on, among other things, nationwide advertising campaigns, magazines, consumer packaging, posters, newspapers, greeting cards, and comic books."

Rob is an Internet friend, as well, but the reason I am showcasing him today is his monster art.


Here is one of his posters for his imagined re-release of the Universal Monster pics to theaters:


Just wonderful. He has a whole bunch more on his site, all just as great.


Rob also has a series of Monster PSAs. You have to see them to appreciate them:

Karloff PSA

Again, just great. Love his style. More of these at his site, as well.


You can view his Monster art here.

You can even purchase the first four Monster PSAs as stickers here!

You can browse through The Namtab Store feauturing the Official Products of Rob Kelly Illustration.

His main page here.

His Art Galleries here.

His Official Blog here.

An interview with Rob at TCM's Classic Movie Blog -



  1. Fantastic work, this huy is good.

  2. er make that guy, it's late i should go to bed,can't spell anymore! :)

  3. He is excellent. You've shown me a number of his pieces and I am always impressed.

  4. I love the fact that your blog has a horror theme! It really is right up my alley!

  5. The Bride of Frankenstein on is great. Love the artwork.

  6. Geez, Joe--I'm a little embarrassed over all the attention! Thanks for the kind words everybody!

  7. Rob - As you can see, the attention is well deserved! :)