Thursday, October 1, 2009

Theme Thursday/Halloween Month - FLIGHT

The theme chosen for this week was "Flight", and I decided to tie it into the start of Halloween Month!


Final Destination

Final Destination (2000)

[Devon Sawa; Ali Larter; Kerr Smith; Kristen Cloke; Seann William Scott]

The movie kicks off with Alex, a high school student, about to embark on a trip to Paris with other students and teachers. Alex has a premonition of a horrific plane crash killing them all.

Final Destination Scuffle

At first, he shrugs it off as a dream. But soon, little coincidences freak him out. A scuffle ensues and he, along with six others, wind up off the plane. From the terminal, the group watches as the plane takes off and explodes.

Final Destination Plane

Needless to say, the group is shocked by the loss of their friends and classmates, and by their own near-death experience.

When his best friend Tod, also one of the survivors, dies, Alex and the others are faced with the prospect that Death isn't going to let them get away so easily.

Can they stop Death from straightening out the 'natural order' that Alex interrupted?


This is one of those horror films people either like or hate. I like it. It is different and attempts more than just a masked killer stalking helpless victims. Here, the killer is Death itself, unseen and, quite possibly, unstoppable.

The death scenes are interesting, done in a Rube Goldberg sort of way. The actors are okay, even if some of the characters are stereotypical of high school kids.


Some trivia: The script was originally written as a proposed episode for The X-Files.

More trivia: Most characters in the film are named (or partially named) after directors or stars from older black and white horror movies, including Lon Chaney; director George Waggner; "Dracula" director Tod Browning; F.W. Murnau, director of the "first" Dracula film Nosferatu; Max Schreck also starred in "Nosferatu"; Val Lewton produced several famous horror movies; Robert Wiene directed Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari and even the great Alfred Hitchcock.


The first two sequels are okay, in their own ways. I love the incredible highway accident in Final Destination 2, amazingly executed and filmed. Quentin Tarantino was quoted as saying that the opening scene was "a magnificent car action piece".

And the roller coaster crash in Final Destination 3 is something every teenager in line for a ride has joked (and worried) about.

Part 4, the recently released The Final Destination, was a little less thrilling to me, even if the 3D was amazing.


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This is also the kick-off to Halloween Month, as I am taking part in the Countdown to Halloween:

Hope you enjoy it & check out the Countdown to Halloween site for more blogs filled with Halloween goodness!



  1. The new, big, fat-screen TV should be coming within days. I now have an even longer list of videos to acquire. Nice post.

  2. I've seen two of the Final Destination films. Both scared the patoots out of me and I'm not too sure I'd watch the others. Nevertheless, this was a great take on "flight" and a great tie-in to your favorite time of year!

  3. yeh must admit, I liked this series, silly but squishy.

  4. I'm glad you included the trivia...very interesting!

  5. the trivia is pretty cool and something i did not know. intriguing movies...can we cheat death? great question. i'll let you know i answer it. lol.

  6. nice review and i like trivia bit. I see Ali Lauter is in it. for some reason that she won't explain to me my girl friend has a deep hate for Ali.

    so if Ali meets her great reward in this movie maybe I'll pick it up and brighten the little lady's day.

  7. Wings, cool take and great trivia. And I have got to check out that site!

  8. Sooo if I want to sleep I can't drink coffee past 4 PM and I can't watch scary movies! Do you sleep?

    A great selection for all those who can sleep or think they will sleep when they die!!

  9. I don't know the movie because I'm not a horror movie aficionado but it sounds pretty good! I'll probably rent it now.

  10. Loved the trailer - I'm always looking for evidence to validate my fear of flying...

    You really put a lot of effort into this post !

    Super job.

  11. it's a great concept...but a little goes a long way.

  12. Death... Don't you just hate when that happens?
    Great trailer for the Countdown to Halloween!

  13. The original Movie was a great film! Very underrated as far as I am concerned! The rest suck! LOL!

  14. I've not seen this flick but think I will pick it up this weekend for a little early Halloween kickoff.

  15. The roller coaster crash in the third one has a HUUUUUUUUGE plot hole in it!

  16. Alan Burnett: If you do watch any, let me know what you think!

    Ravyn: Yeah, not your cup of tea! :)

    Baino: Hahahah! Yeah, I hear ya.

    Betsy: Had to, the trivia was too cool to pass up!

    Brian Miller: My guess is no! :)

    wiec?: Well, be sure to pick up this one AND Part 2, then. ;)

    subtorp77: That site has been keep me busy for 2 days now!

    Colette Amelia: I can watch horror and have a coffee right before bed with no issues! :)

    California Girl: It is fun, and a bit scary. :)

    Patrice: Thank you!

    Tom: Yes, this is true.

    CatLadyLarew: I can't take credit for the trailer, that is from those behind the Countdown to Halloween Blog!

    otin: Well, like I said, parts of 2 and 3 are good. Part 4 is a little more on the "enough" side.

    Jill: Let me know what you think!

    JeffScape: Er, my brain is not helping me remember what that plot hole is in Part 3!

  17. How do you sleep at night? lol. Great TT post

  18. Thanks for pointing me toward some fun watching!

  19. In the vision, the nerdy guy's camera is ultimately what screws everything up... BUT, after homeboy's vision, the nerdy guy gets off the roller coaster.