Friday, November 20, 2009

“Don’t Label Me” Billboard Campaign

The British Humanist Association has been running various billboards to raise money.

They are unveiling a new campaign tomorrow, to coincide with Universal Children's Day.

click to enlarge

I like it, a lot.

Simple and cute, yet it still gets the point across.

To view their campaign click here.

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  1. Very nice. The brits are always a few steps ahead of us in that department. :) Thanks for sharing.


  2. There have been some very good atheist poster campaigns over here in the UK. I might be wrong but there seems to be a polarisation of attitudes towards religion : whilst we have all types of fundamentalism going on, there is also a growing belief that religion has been and continues to be a generator of hatred and conflict.

  3. really like this to view their campaign.

  4. Love it. I completely believe in living an egoless existence, and I think this is sheer genius.