Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Last week, Dan Florien over at Unreasonable Faith posted this video.

Watch it one time through, at least.

So, how observant were you?

I failed, miserably!

Pretty cool, though.

Check out this site - DOTHETEST - for another observation short!


  1. Oh my word....I feel SO inadequate now! I did not notice ANY of that, and what's worse, I do believe I'd have to watch that at least 25 times or more just to catch one of the changes. (hangs head in shame and exits the room) :o(

  2. i am so going to show his to T later, just to see if one of us is mildly intelligent...lol.

  3. Oh my, I was so trying to be clever and watch for things.....I think I need glasses :D

    Very fun, thanks for sharing.


  4. wow! Glad to see the bike safety reminder at the end. Really, people are in such a hurry on the streets that they aren't aware of anything but their own desire to get where they need to be...Fun post!

  5. That was FUN!!! I was paying so much attention to who the murderer could be, I missed everything ELSE!!! Great post!

  6. If you could see a picture of me right now, it would be me doing something stupid with FAIL written across my forehead. Totally missed this one

  7. That was amazing! I didn't notice a single change the first time. Too focused on listening. <:O