Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cup o' Joe

Out of funnies to share on Sundays, so I am starting something new today.

Since I have a deep love for coffee, I will share something java-related with each "Cup o' Joe" post.


To kick this feature off:

A Hull coffee mug

Hull Mug

Anyone else remember these?

My parents had a set and I thought they were pretty cool and were (when I was a kid at least) the epitome of "a cup of coffee".

I didn't realize they also made kettles:

Hull Kettle

and pitchers:

Hull Pitcher

Cool, old-world style.

Have a great Sunday everyone!



  1. We had a kettle that was remarkably similar to the one you have pictured.

  2. we still have several of those mugs around the house...

  3. My parents used to have those mugs as well. My mother still has the mug (and uses it) that she had when my father died - 26 years ago! Can you imagine how scary that cup is! hahahaha

  4. Did everyone own those mugs??? haha!

  5. My grandmother had some of these pieces! What seemed to taste even better in them! :)