Monday, March 1, 2010

Movie Monday - Altered


Altered (2006)

[Paul McCarthy-Boyington; Brad William Henke; Michael C. Williams; Adam Kaufman; Catherine Mangan]

Plot: Five high school buddies were abducted by aliens from a farm in Florida -- but only four of them survived. Fifteen years later, the friends -- whose lives have been altered ever since -- return to face their enemy and seek revenge.

I had never heard of this flick, but thanks to the Horror Squad and their new Movie Club, I found a great little movie.

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting more than a half-rate alien movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. The story, while not without its issues, was entertaining. It starts off running, without wasting a lot of time on flashbacks or explanations. They realize the audience is smart enough to figure things out for themselves. I appreciate that.

The alien is creepy, done 'throwback style' (as in costumes and makeup instead of CGI). And other effects are done amazingly well. Kudos for the amount of time and care put into these aspects, they do help the film succeed. Eduardo Sanchez, co-creator of The Blair Witch Project, was at the helm of this film.

Guess, in a nutshell, I am saying I liked it. Definitely recommended for fans of horror or sci-fi, or even just someone looking for a 90-minute thrill ride.

Thanks for this pick to:
Horror Squad Movie Club and their Altered discussion


  1. I'll give it try one day since you liked it.

  2. i was a bit scared when i saw from the makers of BWP at the top...might check it out..

  3. I actually was turned on by the fact that it was made by the BWP guys, but I shied away from it in the past because I havent heard anything about it. Saw it for $3 at Big Lots, will be sure to pick it up next time! Thanks for the review Joe!

  4. I love this movie! It's blows the pants off crap like The Fourth Kind - definitely one of the better alien abduction movies and an undiscovered gem. Thanks for giving it a shout-out!