Friday, February 26, 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street - new trailer

Okay, so this was everywhere yesterday:

Looks good to me. Keeps some of the scenes/aspects of the original while looking fresh and updated. Guess time shall tell!

(via everywhere, but I first caught it at The Captain's Ramblings)


  1. Hellz, yeah.

    Also looking forward to The Crazies. Maybe this is gonna be a good year for horror, no?

  2. actually looking forward to this one...

  3. I rarely sleep so this one already has me freaking out. How do you defeat such a creature?

  4. Hi! Wings,
    OMG!...Just think about it...I just created two horror blogs. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!
    I said, to myself...I will not be afraid, I will not be afraid...I'am afraid.
    Thanks, for sharing...I think?!?
    DeeDee ;-O

  5. Jeff: Looking forward to both of those flicks, as well!

    Brian: Here's to hoping it is good!

    Cal: You can defeat him, you can only slow him down until the next sequel!

    DeeDee: Congrats on the TWO new blogs! Wow, I have trouble keeping up with this one!

  6. How have I never been to your blog before? I've got some looking around to do.

  7. Captain: Thanks for looking around. Hope you like what you see!

  8. This looks a lot better than i thought it would. maybe finally a remake worthy of a franchise. time and viewing will tell. i have higher hopes for it now though!

  9. Im still on a complete media fast, cant see anything until its release!! =D