Monday, February 22, 2010

Movie Monday - Superstition


Superstition (1985)

[James Houghton; Albert Salmi; Lynn Carlin; Larry Pennell; Jacquelyn Hyde; Robert Symonds; Heidi Bohay]

Plot: The Rev. David Thompson discovers that the inviting pond in the backyard of his new home was used to execute an evil witch three centuries ago -- and her spirit still lurks beneath the surface. Vowing to seek her revenge on anyone who ventures near her watery grave, the sorceress begins to hunt down her new neighbors in a bloody horror spree that turns Thompson's dream house into a violent nightmare.

I thought this might be a fun, creepy, 80s horror flick and I wanted to like it. But... it just was such a hodge-podge of bad acting, bad writing and miss opportunities that I couldn't enjoy it. Bleh.

Recommended for completist horror/gore fans, at least.


  1. good to know...hope you had a great weekend...

  2. I was happily surprised with this one on the first watch through, but the second viewing didnt have the same rewarding experience. I still like the fog FX at the end, definitely some creep factor!

  3. Pretty sure that I never saw this one. I used to watch a lot of those 80's flicks, but this one escaped me.

  4. I don't even remember this one. After reading this, I guess that was a good thing. Thanks for the warning!