Friday, February 12, 2010

Once again to the podium...

The very cool Gilligan at the always awesome Retrospace chose little ole' me for an award:

One Lovely Blog

This is my second time being awarded this one, and I am just as thrilled. Thanks!

Okay, so I'm supposed to pass it along to ten more blogs.

Monkey Muck

The Horror Effect

I Like Horror Movies

Horror Blog Alliance

Geek Orthodox

Random Acts of Geekery

Plaid Stallions

70s - Child

Lady, That's My Skull

The Vault of Horror

As usual, there are many more I could name. But, I will stick with the rules and just present these ten. Please check them out, I am sure you will enjoy them!


  1. The plaid stallion is rearing and shaking his mane in triumph! Here's to well-deserved awards!

  2. Many thanks Wings! It's always an honor to receive awards from your peers, but a very special honor when it comes from such a great writer!

  3. Ah, drat... I've already received that one myself!

  4. I'm growing fond of Monkey Muck. I'll have to check out the rest sometime.

  5. Most awesome, thanks for the recognition Wings, both sites owe much of their support to Caffeinated Joe!

  6. congrats on another win Wings!!