Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Laverne and Shirley

Last night, the kids, my wife and I finished watching the entire run of Laverne & Shirley.

Several months ago, it started airing about four times a week on the Hub network. So we decided to watch every episode with the kids, since we loved it when we were young and wanted them to enjoy it, as well.

Happily, the kids loved it, too. And because we had missed the first few episodes, we got to finish watching the series with classic episodes from the first season, back in 1976. They were just as funny as ever, and a much better way to end a viewing of the series than the 8th season, which wasn't great. Uneven and chaotic sums it up, diplomatically.

I am glad we shared this with them. A bit of television history, some great characters and laughs and a much better way to spend some TV time than watching any of the 'reality' shows out there.

Posted below is the 20th Anniversary Reunion of the cast that aired on ABC in 1995.

Great to see the cast together and remembering good times. Even Fonzie shows up!


We have watched the entire run of Laverne & Shirley and also I Love Lucy with the kids.

We are thinking The Dick Van Dyke Show might be next up!

Laverne & Shirley is currently airing on the Hub network at 11:00pm EST, 
with encore airings at 5:00am.


  1. Oh how I wish I got the Hub network!

    Funny I should see this post. I spent the weekend with a buddy of mine, and while getting slaphappy and downright silly at the hookah bar, all of our moments of silence were interrupted with one of us singing the Laverne & Shirley themesong...for some godforsaken reason (in the past, it had been the Mr. Belvedere theme).

    Granted, we didn't really know the words, so it came out something along the lines of "Plazeezle, plazahzzle, Shoefenhoer Incorporated"...


  2. J/Metro: That's funny! And I hear you about wishing you got a network. Right now, I wish we got Antenna TV - Seems like another awesome retro station!

  3. You are the best parent I know, Joe, ya know? Your style of parenting comes from sharing what you always loved as a kid, with your kids. Only now you are also fortunate to see those TV shows through their eyes and share those pop culture icons with them. Love ya buddy and good on ya mate. Kal

  4. Kal: Well, thanks Kal. I try to just expose them to things that are good and simple, and not any of the amoral, ‘reality’ TV crap!