Monday, August 1, 2011

Movie Monday: The Dead and the Damned

Been a while, but here's a review of a new film:

The Dead and the Damned (2010)

Information from the film company itself:

"It's Dawn of the Dead meets High Noon in the bloody, action-packed film The Dead and the Damned, on DVD July 26 from Inception Media Group.

Hot on the trail of a renegade Apache warrior, gun-slinging bounty hunter Mortimer passes through an 1849 California gold rush town, where local miners direct him into the mountains to track his prey.

While he is gone, the miners unearth a meteor that has landed in their sleepy town. As they crack it open, an explosion releases toxic spores, which quickly infect the entire population, transforming them into bloody-thirsty, mutant zombies.

Following a ferocious battle, Mortimer triumphantly returns to town with his Indian captive in shackles... only to find themselves surrounded by a ravenous horde of the undead. Now the two enemies must band together if they are to escape the horrors of The Dead and the Damned!"


Okay. First off, I was wary going into this one. So many of these screeners turn out to be... Well, to put it nicely, "not good". I was expecting more of the same.

And, in some ways, that's what I got, but not like I thought. This film is surprisingly well produced. The shots look good and the film appears to be one of the gap movies - as in, not crap, but not theater-worthy, either.

The problem lies in the story itself. It is not as "action-packed" as it claims to be. A lot of the scenes are just dull. And the characters have no depth, even with scenes that bring the bore quotient even higher as the two leads explain their complicated pasts.

Another problem is the main actor, David A. Lockhart. He has the leading-man good looks but his voice and line delivery fall way short of leading-man great. He seems better suited for a period drama than an action movie.

Overall, I wasn't turned off by the film being as bad as I expected. Rather, I was just bored. And when you have a movie about "Cowboys and Zombies" (a title the film is also known as, obviously to cash in on the recent Cowboys and Aliens), boredom is something that should never come up.

The Dead and the Damned is written and directed by Rene Perez.

It stars David A. Lockhart, Rick Mora, Camille Montgomery and Robert Amstler.

Available from Inception Media Group.

Trailer and more info at the official site - The Dead and the Damned.

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