Friday, September 2, 2011

Dark Matters: Twisted But True

Recorded and watched the premiere of the new Science Channel show 
Dark Matters: Twisted But True. And I liked it!

The show takes a few topics from history and relates them through a combination of narration (by actor John Noble), interviews with specialists in related fields and reenactments of the events.

The premiere episode began with the story of the Philadelphia Experiment, followed by the saga of a Russian scientist who was trying to create a human/ape hybrid and ending with the story of the battle between Edison and Westinghouse over selling electricity to the masses.

To me, it is like a combination of the creepy 1970s show In Search Of... and the campy late 1990s show Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. And a good combination, at that.
I enjoyed it and have set the DVR to record it again.

Here is a video from the show's site:


  Dark Matters: Twisted But True airs on Science Channel Wednesdays at 10:00 PM.


  1. That sounds very interesting...I'll have to set it to record on my DVR and check it out. Thanks for sharing the info! Have a great weekend! :o)

  2. I have a weakness for these exact types of shows, alien encounters, Nazi flying saucers, - and when you add John Noble with that great voice of his, well it's downloading as I write this. Thanks for the tip my brother.

  3. I never missed an episode of "In Search Of". That was an awesome show for its day.

  4. Wendy: It is fun, that's for sure.

    Kal: I hear ya. I don't believe in so much of it all, but I love watching these shows anyway!

    Joe: Yeah, me too. This doesn't have that eerie feeling, but that may be because I'm not 8 anymore! LOL