Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Etsy Shop

Okay, you may notice a different widget on the sidebar there -->

I posted a bunch of my handmade items for sale on my Etsy shop, since the holidays are coming around.

I also do custom work (see my plastic canvas post for last Halloween) for pretty much anything that can be made using plastic canvas and yarn. I have hundreds of patterns and there are many more online, so if you are looking for something unique and different for yourself or for a gift, give it some thought.

I take time and do my best when crafting an item.

Here's what is for sale right now:


  1. Wow, really cool patterns! Definitely going to check those out!!


  2. Hmm... I'm detecting a Chargers/Padres box at some point in the future...


  3. FG: Thanks!

    Jeff: I made a Patriots's box for my sister-in-law a few years back.