Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reason #3 Why I Love TV

The New Fall Season

I have been a TV viewer since I was a little kid and one of the best times of year has always been September and the new Fall TV Season.

Now, I know things are different these days. With so many cable channels and so many shows, there is more than one "TV Season". And I'm fine with that, love the variety that is available to us today and some of my favorite shows are no longer located on the broadcast networks.

But being a kid from the "old days," I still get that feeling of excitement when we get into this month and a bunch of shows start premiering all at once.

The herald for this time used to be the Fall Preview issue of TV Guide, which I would scoop up at the grocery checkout and read like a book. Loved seeing what new shows were coming to the small screen, what actors and actresses were going to be appearing weekly and which old favorites were facing changes, in format or time slot, or weren't coming back at all. Remember, this was pre-Internet. Sometimes you didn't know your favorite show was a goner until this issue arrived!

In fact, I remember reading that Gates McFadden wouldn't be back as Dr. Crusher for the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation in the Fall TV Guide "Returning Favorites" section that year. I was NOT happy. But, she was back for season three, so all was right again.

Some of the shows I am looking forward to this Fall include Terra Nova (Monday on FOX); Unforgettable (Tuesday on CBS); Ringer (Tuesday on CW); Person of Interest (Thursday on CBS); Grimm (Friday on NBC) and Once Upon a Time (Sunday on ABC).

I wanted to like ABC's Charlie's Angels remake, but after last Fall's failure Undercovers, I am not holding out much hope. The cheesy days of TV when this worked may be gone for good.

You can check out TV Guide's Fall Preview Online.

Here's to a great Fall Season and good luck to the new shows. Not all of you are going to make it to June. But that's part of TV life!


  1. Fall is my favorite time of year. I get excited about the new TV season just like you do. I read about television online and in magazines and I try to watch at least one episode of each new series just to see if they can grab me.

    I am looking forward to 'Fringe', 'Hawaii 5-0' with John Locke and all my favorite sitcoms. New shows - 'Terra Nova' tops my list plus the new season of the cartoon Young Justice.

  2. We're like two peas in a pod. I just did a TV post yesterday. I forgot to mention "Terra Nova," but it looks interesting. However, what I'm most looking forward to is the inevitable failure of "Whitney."

  3. Cal: I am liking Hawaii Five-O, too. Hope they don't drag out the murder plot too long, tho! As for Fringe, this should be quite the interesting season!

    BeckEye: Loved your post! Good luck if you do decide to expand to a second blog. And more power to you! :)

  4. Joe: thanks for writing. I loved TV Guide growing up more than anybody. I eventually worked there for nearly 7 years and had a great time there. Although I write about my love for certain shows at my blog all the time, one day I'll write my TV love manifesto.

  5. I miss the old TV Guide, i think i have some still that i collected over the years like the Fall Preview issues and Star Trek related covers.
    There's no new show that's caught my interest that i want to see, just looking forward to my favorite returning shows.

  6. I loved the TV Guide fall preview issues. Even though, as a child, we had only two channels. There was always that wishful quality about them. Now, I hesitate to become invested in new shows because most are cancelled so quickly.

    I was reminiscing about it here not long ago :

  7. Philly: One love to hear your manifesto one day!

    Drake: Yeah, I hear ya. Sometimes I get all excited and then end up with no new shows after a few weeks.

    halloween spirit: Thanks for commenting! Off to check your blog post now!